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Jenna's Top 5 Weird gifts for Christmas 2013

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I asked my staff what their top 5 favorites are... here is Jenna's response.

1) Horse mask (I can now look and feel majestic for a fraction of what it would cost to actually transition into a horse)

2) 7 Wonders (it isn't an over-complicated game yet requires a good amount of strategy...it's also different every time so it never gets boring)

3) Head massagers...if you have to ask, you've never used one before

4) WordARound (it's a fast-paced word game and who doesn't like words!?)

5) Cubebots (they are great fidget toys and can be posed in approximately eight zillion different ways)

Off the Wagon - for the young at heart Kent Ohio


Meet the Staff Weird Gift Highlights

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