It's Getting Ugly In Here

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 Uglydoll Ugly DollWe just got a big shipment of Ugly dolls in with some of the best new 2011 Ugly Dolls!   Here is a quick rundown of a few of the newest ones.

Top row you see the new for 2011 Ugly pillows.  They might be Ugly, but they sure are soft.  

Kram Scrammy (bottom row, dk puple) .. "love information of any kind. If knowledge is power, then Kram Scrammy is uh, power hungry. But you have to help him learn how to take it easy and have a good time.. too much of a good thing and all that, you know? If Kram Scrammy gets to become a problem, take him phone booth hunting. He's nuts about phone booths, especially those old ones with the closing doors. Watch out for beepers though. Oh man, don't let him have a beeper. No no no."

 Heu Googeuy (Pink, far left) has a big heart and giant mind. Small feet though, so please wait up. He's a shoulder to cry on and a pal in times of need. Mostly because he can't run away fast enough when the tears start falling, but if you can pin him down, he'll eventually give you some pretty good feedback.

Ikoy Yoki (green/teal, third row down) are everywhere. They are all around us. Some of us out there don't believe in them, but they most certainly believe in you. When you get into trouble, you can always close your eyes and ask for guidance from Ikoy Yoki. Not when you're driving or riding a bike though. Oh and they love snack offerings. Not in a spiritual way or anything, they just like to eat.

Groody (green, bottom right) is a pretty relaxed, easy going, energetic, stressed out, moody broody mess! AAAAHHHH! Did I just close that door? It was a ghost! Did I close the garage door? Did I send that e-mail to the wrong person!!!??? You get the picture…which is exactly why Groody has chosen you to be his pal. If you are willing to help him on his quest for inner peace he will help you on your quest for whatever dealio you got going. His first though.

And I could go on and on.  But I won't.

New Arrivals Photo Moment Ugly Dolls

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