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I'm not sure why it is that we are obsessed with zombies. Yes, they are kinda creepy, but seldom are they truly scary. There may be those that take exception to that, but it seems to me they are always a little hokey in the movies. I think it has to do with all the crazy makeup they have to put on to look like walking dead. Maybe it is the moaning. You tell me, what is it that people love about zombies?

Here are a few of our favorite zombie gifts.
1. Remote control zombie (my personal favorite). The remote is shaped like a brain. This guy moans as he walks.
2. Zombie mints - These mints are brain flavored... a true favorite for zombies.
3. Zombie Brain Gelatin Mold - Great for your Halloween party. Make a brain shaped cake or jello, add in a few gummy worms and you are set!
4. Zombie Finger Puppets - so you can act out your favorite zombie scenes at work or in school. (Stores easily in your pockets).
5. Zombie Juice Bottle - you supply your own juice, we supply the bottle.
6. OH NO Zombies Board Game - your trapped by zombies and you have to get out.

And there is more! No we didn't list them all here. Check out our website to see more Zombie Gifts.
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