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Top 5 Funny Gifts - Kyle's picks

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I asked our staff to pick out their top 5 funniest gifts in the store.  Here are Kyle's picks in no particular order.

1.  Nunzilla -It's a bird, it's a plane... no it is NUNZILLA, the walking, mouth sparking, plastic nun toy.  Mouth sparks (really!).  

2.  Zing! - launch your lunch.  The best tool for your next food fight.  Bend it back and bam... this spoon makes food fly.

3.  Just Like Dad!  Candy Cigarettes - Kid's do love to imitate Dad.  This really brings that idea home.

4.  Fingerstache - temporary mustache tatoos for you fingers.  Makes a great instant disguise. 

5.  Gobo Puppet - Gobo is a character from fraggle rock.  He certainly is a funny looking guy!

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