Asmodee Games Small World Game
Asmodee Games Small World Game
Small World Game
Asmodee Games Small World Game
Asmodee Games Small World Game
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Conquer the world with armies of dwarves, rat-men, wizards, and more in this award-winning war game. This game is more lighthearted and much less punishing than classic war games (like risk), and the different powers are super fun to use!

Each player starts with a pairing of a fantasy race and a special power. Both of these will give you special powers, and they also determine how many troops you get to start! At the end of each round you collect victory coins for each territory you occupy (plus extra coins from certain special abilities). However as players push forward and conquer territories, you will soon find their armies spread thin. You can then put your race in decline (they still earn you victory coins, but you can't control them or use their powers) and choose a whole new race and special power! Keep using new races and putting them into decline until a set number of rounds (which depends on the number of players) is complete, then the player with the most victory coins wins!

Includes 4 maps (2 double-sided boards), 6 player summary sheets, 14 fantasy race banners, 1 blank fantasy race banner, 68 race tokens, 18 lost tribe tokens, 20 special power badges, 1 blank special power badge, 10 troll fortresses, 9 mountains, 5 encampments, 2 hole-in-the-grounds, 2 heroes, 1 dragon, 109 coins, 1 reinforcement die, 1 game turn marker, and the instructions.

2-5 players, ages 8+

40-80 min playing time

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