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Off the Wagon Franchises Available

Do you often find yourself laughing when nobody is around?

Do you have obscure irrelevant knowledge floating around in your head?

Do you wish you had a job where you could be yourself, laugh and have fun?

Then owning an Off the Wagon Shop Franchise my just be your perfect career path!

What we have to offer:

PROVEN success.  Off the Wagon has been highly successful in its seven+ years in Kent Ohio.

Increases in Sales at Off the Wagon (compared to the previous year):

2010  47.73%

2011  58.41%

2012  37.26%

2013  42.91%

2014  19.29%

2015  16.83%

2016  18.27%


We know this industry!

LONG HISTORY and wealth of knowledge of both retail operations and the toy business.  When it comes down to it, the difference between success and failure in today's competitive retail market depends on an excellent working knowledge of how to operate a small retail shop, what to buy, and how to differentiate yourself from other retail markets.  We've been working in the toy industry since 1991.  To be honest we've learned a lot along the way... through past successes and failures.  Most retail operations don't survive the hard knocks, but we have survived many hard times and learned how to change, and then thrive through it.  We know what works and what doesn't work.  Off the Wagon is our most successful retail store operation ever.

We make it faster, easier, and better for you. 

You don't have to reinvent the wheel.  We have all the processes, policies, ordering, bookkeeping, training, merchandising, etc. streamlined for you.  We have developed, recorded and updated our policies and procedures for two decades.  We are committed to constantly keeping our procedures up to date and finding new ideas that might work better.  Developing a process for ordering, bookkeeping, policies and such can be extremely time consuming. 

Why us.

There are a lot of other franchises available out there, but ours has a lower entry, lower ongoing fees and frankly a nicer net profit that a good deal of them.  Call us and we will walk you through it.


25 years of retail ownership experience / 30+ year of retail experience

Ownership and/ or operation management of over 12 different retail locations and shops

Extensive knowledge in:  POS systems / inventory / purchasing / bookkeeping / merchandising / training / marketing / budgeting

Memberships:  Kent Chamber of Commerce, Main Street Kent board member, American Specialty toy retailing association board member, plus board member (or past board member) of several other community organizations.  We are active in our local community.


Contact Us (Call our store 330-474-1330.. leave a message for for Michelle and I will call you back).  Or use our Contact us form.