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Magic the Gathering Events, Kent Ohio

Upcoming Events:

Saturday Dec. 27th- 6pm - Khans of Tarkir Booster Draft


$12 entrance fee for draft.
All experience levels are welcome at this event.
More details to come soon


Drawing for a $20 Gift Card and other MTG prizes. 


1.5 DCI Membership Number
Tournament participants must provide their DCI membership number to the Scorekeeper during registration. Players without a DCI membership number must request one from the Tournament Organizer. There is no cost associated with joining the DCI, but members are only allowed one DCI membership number. Results containing temporary player numbers, temporary player names, or placeholders may not be reported to the DCI.

• Individuals thirteen (13) years of age and younger will need their parent/guardians’ permission;


Located at our Shop:  152 E. Main Street, Kent OH 44240