Who we are

Here is our Off the Wagon Shop (Honey Gold Company) store personalities!  We work hard at having fun.

  Michelle Sahr, Owner, Buyer, Guru of Fun!

 Michelle has been in the retail toy biz since 1992.   She is the creator, buyer, and director of all things at Off the Wagon which now has 2 brick and mortar locations as well as an online store that shipped over 13k orders in 2022.




 Nate Sahr (left), Online Media Manager

 Nate runs our social media and works along with Michelle on website updates.

He works out of Seattle Washington, his recently new home base.




 Amber Dean, Chagrin Falls Store Manager

 Amber has recently been promoted to our store manager in Chagrin Falls and we are thrilled with her enthusiasm and ability to keep it all thriving in Chagrin Falls.




 Jake Ball, Assistant Manager, Kent

 Jake helps us keep things running smoothly in our Kent location and is also a huge help with customer communications and the website operations.

(and an excellent finder of things!)




 Rachel Anderson, Assistant Manager and Buyer, Chagrin Falls

Lysa (Rachel) is a fun happy quirky personality.   She helps us keep things running smoothly in Chagrin Falls and writes most of our book orders for the entire company.




 Meg Sahr, Internet Fulfillment Manager and Buyer

 Meg keeps our online store fulfillment running smoothly and operates our warehouse.   She also is one of our game buyers.




 David Liles (right), Buyer

 David helps us with business operations behind the scenes and is also one of our buyers.




Julie Koly, Vice CFO

(why do I not have a picture of Julie?)

Julie is our VP (or as we call it our Vice Chief Fun operator).   She helps us keep all things running smooth behind the scenes and is in charge of our financials.