Asmodee Games Concept
Asmodee Games Concept
Asmodee Games Concept
Asmodee Games Concept


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Use an assortment of pictures to try and get other players to guess different objects or phrases. This game is super flexible (it be played how you want to), great for groups, and fun for all ages!

One player draws a card and picks an object or phrase of the card (either easy, medium, or hard) to try and represent on the playing board. They then place markers on different images on the playing board as clues for those guessing. Different colored markers can be used to show different aspects of the object or phrase. Play in teams, earning points along the way, or just have fun and forget the competitive aspect!

Includes board, 110 cards,  5 sets of pawns and cubes, 45 victory tokens, 4 player aids, a storage bowl, and the instructions.

4-12 players, ages 10+

40 min playing time

11 x 11 x 2.5 inches

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