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Jabuka Game-Weird-Funny-Gags-Gifts-Stuff

Jabuka Game

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A fun fast paced game that has letters on wood coffee beans.  You create words as quickly as you can.  Some of the letters twist around and can be different letters (for ex. the g turns over and becomes a b, or the w flips to become a m).  

to play: dump the beans on the table, no arranging no flipping, leave them as they fall.  Then grab two of the lighter color wild beans.  Then start.  Call out your words as you find them.  Other players can steal your beans and rearrange them or add letters to make a new word (for ex. you have the word "bet" and another plays and adds a "ter" to become "better" and they then have stolen your beans. 

Points are scored at the end of the game.

Playtime approx under 1/2 hour

2-8 players, ages 13 and up

wood pieces, jute bag.