King of Tokyo: Dark
Alliance Game Distributors GAMES King of Tokyo: Dark
Alliance Game Distributors GAMES King of Tokyo: Dark

King of Tokyo: Dark

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Play as a giant, city-destroying monster in this darker, spookier version of the classic game! In this game, you'll fight other giant, city-destroying monsters to be the King of Tokyo (which means you get dibs on destroying it)!

Along with brand new art and higher quality components, the dark edition introduces a new mechanic: the wickedness track. Now, when you roll triple ones or triple twos, you get to move up the wickedness track, potentially earning you powerful upgrades. Now you might not want to reroll all of your ones!

Each turn in King of Tokyo, you'll roll the dice. Depending on the roll, you'll do some combination of dealing damage to other players, collecting energy, or earning victory points. Energy can be spent to buy items, which will upgrade your monster. Earning victory points is one way to win - the first player who earns 20 wins the game. However, you can also win by simply killing off everyone else in the game! Throughout the game, players will be jostling to be the King of Tokyo - a position that lets you earn victory points and deal extra damage. Be careful though! Being the King puts a target on your back.

6 monster boards, 1 Tokyo board, 6 black dice, 2 green dice, 66 power cards, 6 cardboard monsters, energy cubes, 28 tokens, and the instructions.

2-6 players, ages 8+

30 minute playing time

10 x 10 x 3 inches