Amigo Games GAMES What The Heck? Game
Amigo Games GAMES What The Heck? Game

What The Heck? Game

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It's hard to find a game this easy to learn and this fun to play! It's so great, it's been around for decades!

What the Heck? is a game of cunning and bluffing perfect for groups with 2-5 people, age 8+, and takes about 20 minutes to play.

Rules: Players are get a deck of bidding cards marked 1 to 15. Each turn, a prize tile is randomly selected. A prize tile is worth either positive or negative points. Players select one of their bidding cards and reveal them simultaneously. For positive prize tiles, the highest card gets the prize. For negative prize tiles, the lowest card is stuck with the prize. However, if two people play the highest (or lowest) card, they cancel each other out and the prize goes to the next highest (or lowest) card. Players then discard their bidding card, and start a new turn. The highest total score after all fifteen prizes are awarded wins the game!

Box contents: 5 differently colored decks of bidding cards marked 1 through 15, 15 prize cards, marked -5 through 10. the box is roughly 5" by 4" by1" and weighs less than a pound.

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