10 fun candies for a sweet Christmas!

Deck the halls with lots of candy, fa la la la la-la la la la! Tis the season to eat candy, fa la la la la-la la la la! Eat we now our yummy candy, fa la la-la la la-la la la! Something, something, yule-tide CANDY, fa la la la la-la la la la!

Obviously Christmas is already pretty sweet in the metaphorical sense, but why not make it sweet in the literal sense too? After all, the only thing better than opening presents is eating candy and opening presents at the same time (also going mini-golfing with Bigfoot, depending on the weather)! With Christmas coming up in just over a week, it’s likely too late to order these sweets and get them in time, but the candy will still taste great even if it comes in after the big day! Also to any local, you can stop by our shop and get some candy this week! Anyways, check out some of our favorite candies for this Christmas!

Pop Rocks

These things are basically magical. Like, we know it’s some fancy science thing that makes them pop the way they do, but it might as well be magic because we don’t understand it. But they’re yummy and so much fun to put in your mouth!

Candy Cigarettes


Both tastier and healthier than real cigarettes! And they’re kid friendly! This way, everyone can bond by having a Christmas morning smoke (but not literally) and you can laugh at how silly your kids look using these!

Pho Candy Canes


Yum! If you’ve ever thought to yourself, “I wish I could have Vietnamese food and eat candy canes at the same time,” now is your chance! You’ll be surprised at how much like Pho these actually taste!

Astronaut Ice Cream - Neapolitan Sandwich

This ice cream sandwich is freeze dried, just like astronaut food! Once you put it in your mouth, it will hydrate, soften up, and taste great! Makes a fun gift for any space loving kids (or adults)!

Ask your doctor if shutting the f-ck up is right for you gum

A fun stocking stuffer for that uncle who talks way too much. Or makes a great gift for a family member you’ve spent all too much time with this holiday season!

I like you even though you’re a Republican/Democrat mints

A perfect make-nice gift after having too many political ‘conversations’ during your family gatherings! If you’re lucky, everyone will have a good laugh at these and not secretly resent each other even more!

Avatar Candy

Yip Yip! Celebrate the holidays with some wholesome and delicious Avatar candy!

Draft Beer Jelly Beans


A perfect stocking stuffer for any beer aficionados, or just a supper yummy treat you can eat in the mornings guilt free!

Poop Lollipops

Big poop shaped lollipops in three varieties: zombie poop, magical sparkle poop, and original poop! Plus, they’re not even made with real poop!

Ketchup Candy In a Tin


Ketchup is pretty much the perfect flavor - it goes with everything! With these ketchup candies, you can finally have ketchup for dessert! Well, I guess you could have before this, but not it just makes more sense.

Want more candy, check out our entire candy collection! Or browse our entire catalog for gifts, games, gags, and more!

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