Giving Back & Economic Impact

Off The Wagon believes in giving back to our local community and supporting local, state and worldwide conservation efforts.   Here are some of the ways we give back.



Each year we donate to Plant With Purpose - Plant a tree fund.   

For Each dollar we donate, one tree is planted.   We donate money to plant enough trees to cover the # of packages we send in a year (and then some).

We reuse packaging materials from our incoming packages.  For example if you find plastic packaging materials inside your shipment that is because we reused this packaging.  

Packing materials we use are made from cornstarch.  (Unless we are reusing packing materials we received from our vendors).


We are using "Offset" app by Shopify that offsets the carbon impact of your shipment.  So, yes, we are doubling our give back to the environment by planting trees and using "Offset".  

Offset gives as follows... "Your contributions are currently funding the Jarí Para Forest Conservation Project in the Amazon Rainforest.



Locally, in Kent Ohio:

Supporter, member, volunteer for Main Street Kent

Supporter of Habitat for Humanity in Kent

Supporter of a Very Merry Dinner

Supporter of Local non-profits by donating baskets / gift cards to many fundraisers

Supporter and volunteer for the Wizardly World of Kent