10 Fun & Funny Valentine’s Day Sweets for Your Sweetheart!

If there’s any day to go above and beyond and pamper your sweetheart a little bit, it’s Valentine’s Day! Candy is a classic Valentine’s Day treat, and for good reason! Even if you’ve already got a super amazing gift picked out or reservations and a fancy date (or whatever your thing is), candy just makes the day better! It’s simple, pretty inexpensive, and absolutely delicious! Plus it can make for some great laughs - at least if you’re buying your candy from us! And if you’re single, Valentine’s Day is a great excuse to just buy yourself some candy! Here at Off The Wagon, we carry all kinds of weird and wacky candy, but we’ve picked out 10 of our most lovey-dovey candies to show you this Valentine’s Day. Check these out!

Wax Lips

Part chewing gum, part ridiculous costume, this candy has it all! You can hold them between your teeth instead of putting on lipstick! We recommend them for warming up your kissing muscles before your big date.

Rose Jelly Beans

A mini bottle of rose in jelly bean form. Have some in the morning, they make a great teaser for all the Rose you’re going to drink later on!

Draft Beer Jelly Beans

If you’re shopping for someone who is more a beer person, this is a great Rose alternative! They’re not red, so they’re automatically way less Valentine’s Day themed, but we won’t tell anyone.

Hey Bitches Gum

Looking for a little something for your friends? This lovely red, cinnamon flavored gum releases patented friendship strengthing pheromones with every chew! After a few pieces, they’ll forget about their Valentine’s and hang out with you instead!

Pop Rocks

A fizztastic classic! We’ve got lots of flavors, and they all still blow us away! Even though we’re technically adults, we never feel like it when eating pop rocks (and we mean that in the best kind of way)!

Love Bites Candy Tins

Give your special someone some sugar and some laughs with these silly candy tins! Each one has a different Valentine’s day meme on it.

So Many Men, So Little Time!

Twelve hunky men made of chocolate. Just a warning, they will melt if you try to cuddle them. We tried and it was really just a huge mess.

Cocktail Lollipops

These two different flavors of cocktail flavored lollipops will make a sweet gift for any cocktail lover! Valentine’s Day is the perfect excuse to try these out!

Mister Rogers Encouragemints

A wholesome tin of candies that’s weirdly appropriate for Valentine’s Day. You’re giving delicious encouragement! Right on the front, it says “Why? Because I like you!” Cute, right?

Beanboozled Firey Five

This last one is just as much a fun activity as it is candy! If you and your partner are into spicy foods, this could be a perfect bonus activity for your Valentine’s Day plans! Try each of the five flavors of incredibly spicy jelly beans, from the humble Siracha flavor up to the mega spicy Carolina Reaper!

Want more Valentine’s Day gifts, cards, and candy? Check out our Valentine's Day collection here! Or if you want to see all the weird and wacky gifts we carry, check out our entire catalog. Happy Valentine’s Day everyone!

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