10 Fun & Unique Easter Candies For 2022

Candy makes everything sweeter, including Easter! Here at Off The Wagon, we really like candy. But let’s be honest, so does almost everyone! Liking candy doesn't exactly make us unique, but the candy we like certainly does! If you are looking for some delicious sweets for this year's Easter Baskets or other Easter celebrations, and you want something a little more fun and unique - well then we’ve got you covered! We’ve got colorfully candies, weird Easter flavors of candy, funny-looking candy, and even some Astronaut Ice Cream for those of you who like to celebrate Easter in outer space! Check out these 10 amazing candies:

Mini Unicorn Pop

Magical unicorn horns transformed into delicious lollipops! Don’t worry, no unicorns were harmed while making these lollipops. They shed their horns to grow new ones every 3-4 years, so these are just made of the extras.

Ant-Lix Sucker

Want a little extra crunch to your lollipop? A little more protein? Why not have some super nutritious, super scrumptious bugs! If you’re not much of an ant muncher, we’ve also got cricket lollipops and worm lollipops!

Pop Rocks

A classic, but no less amazing or unique for it! A fizz-tastic addition to any Easter basket!

Chocolate Bunny Cotton Candy

Chocolate bunnies are a classic Easter candy, and now you can get all the flavor and fun of a classic chocolate bunny, but in cotton can form! Spice up this Easter with a little something different!

Pez Singles

Customize your cany gifts with their favorite character as a Pez dispenser! We’ve got Star Wars, Super Mario Brothers, Pokemon, and more!

Pickle Cotton Candy

Here at Off the Wagon, we’ve officially decided that pickles should be an Easter flavor. They’re crunchy, sour, and delicious! We also think that pickle cotton candy is the perfect way to add some pickle flavor to your Easter celebrations this year!

Double Bubble Egg Laying Fancy Henny

This cute little chicken will poop out little gumball eggs for you to chew on! Since it’s part toy, party candy, and part chicken, it makes the perfect Easter basket item!

Giant Marshmallow Chick 2 Pack

They’re pretty cute, yes - but we promise they’re even more delicious! Softy and chewy and so sweet and yummy! These chicks won’t last long!

Krispy Kreme Jelly Belly Bag

One of our most loved Jelly Belly flavors because they’re fun and delicious. Plus, they fit way better in an Easter basket or Easter egg than real donuts would!

Astronaut Ice Cream

A little chocolate, a little strawberry, a little vanilla, all freeze-dried and ready for your next expedition (to outer space or just on a picnic at Grandma’s house). All you have to do to hydrate it is eat it! Your mouth will do all the work.

Looking for more candy options? Check out our entire candy collection! Or you can browse all our weird and wacky stuff in our Easter collection or our entire catalog! We hope you’re Easter is full of fun and joy (and candy), however you choose to celebrate!

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