10 Funny "COVID STILL SUCKS" Gifts For 2022!!

Breaking news: Covid still sucks. Regardless of political views or pretty much anything else, that’s one thing we can all agree on. Covid sucks, and things would probably be a lot better if we could just poof it out of history and make it so it never happened. Unfortunately, time machines aren't a thing yet (we’re working on one, but we can’t figure out how to reverse calibrate the flux capacitors). Another thing everyone can agree on is that some wholesome laughter, while it doesn't really solve problems on its own, sure makes life a lot more enjoyable. And that’s something all of us could use - a little more laughter and joy in our lives! As experts in all things weird and wacky, we recommend everyone take some time to laugh at Covid and all its stupidness as long as it’s still a thing. How? Well through silly gifts and gags and cards and stuff! To be fair, that’s our answer to most questions, but this Covid stuff is seriously funny! Check it out:

Covid 19 Plush


By far, the safest way to catch Covid is to have someone toss this plush to you. Even if you drop it on your toe, it’s super soft!

Covid Vaccine Plush

This Vaccine probably won’t keep you safe from the virus, but it sure is a lot cuter and better for cuddling than any other vaccine we’ve come across!

Vaccinated AF Sticker

Vaccinated and proud? Let the whole world know with this happy looking sticker!

Micro Plague Doctor

Not only is the Plague Doctor one of our most loved plush, but he’s been very on theme for the past couple of years. Fair warning, his doctorate is in cuteness studies, so he won’t be super helpful if you do get sick with anything.

Micro Plague Nurse

The Plague Nurse, however, will dutifully stay by your side and tend to your every need if you get the sniffles. At least in spirit (doing stuff is hard when you don’t have legs).

Stay Positive Magnet

Look at this little guy. See how positive he is? And he’s getting eaten by a shark! If he can do it, so can you!

The Sh*t Show Must Go On Card

The dumpster fire that is Covid is still raging. Get someone this encouraging (and silly) card to help them get through it! Inside reads “And you will too!”

Here Comes The Apocalypse Magnet

It can feel like the end of the world, but at least aliens aren’t blowing up the world! *knocks on wood*

Shit Show Candle

The right candle can help better any mood. This one is specifically designed for enduring shit shows. In other words, it’s perfect for your life right now!

Mystery Box Of Fun

Nothing quite peak your interest? How about a mystery box of fun! We’ll choose a bunch of our products for you, and your (or someone you give this to) can have the fun of discovering what’s inside! We also make a larger version if you’re interested.

Looking for more Covid-related gifts? Check out our Covid collection here. If you just want to browse all the cool stuff we have, you can see our entire catalog here!

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