10 Weird and Funny Gifts to Lift Your Coworkers Spirits

The office or workplace can be a pretty dreary environment sometimes.  Even if you love your job (hopefully you do!), there is always the danger of waking up and thinking that literally the last thing you want to do today is to get up and go into work.  You’re not alone, all your coworkers feel the same way from time to time. However, just because the workplace can be a little dreary doesn’t mean you can’t cheer it up! With these gifts, you can make your coworkers smile and laugh, and make the office a place where all of you want to be (or at least a little more bearable).  Whether you're starting to feel the holiday spirit, you want to celebrate finishing a big project, or you’re just feeling nice, these gifts will show your coworkers you care while bringing a little more laughter into their workweeks.

Get Along With Your Coworkers Gum


If there is a lot of office drama where you work, this gum is the perfect solution!  It's cheap, it tasty, and it’s guaranteed to stop all conflict in the workplace!

Love My Job (Ha Ha, Just Kidding) Women’s Socks


If you have a coworker you know is not a fan of their job, you can get them these socks to subtly rebel against the company!  The bosses will think they are saying one thing, but under their shoes is a whole different message.

One Day I’ll Be Rich and Powerful Journal


Some of your coworkers are bound for greater things.  It’s best to get on their good sides before they own the whole company!

Your Job is More Than Just a Paycheck Magnet


“Your job is more than just a paycheck.  It’s also the place you go to and cry in a bathroom stall sometimes.”  Consider just placing this one on the back of the stall door so people feel known and loved in these hard moments.

I Went Home… Keytag


“My Boss told me to have a good day so I went home.”  It’s probably not what she meant, but she can’t blame you for following her instructions, right?

Crap Sticky Note


Sticky notes to keep track of all the crap you have to deal with.  Organize your boring crap, useless crap, and total crap to stay on top of your game!  

Some People Just Need a High Five... Gum


“Some People Just Need A High Five. In the face. With a chair.”  You’d probably get fired if you actually smacked these kind of people in the face with a chair, but you can probably get away with giving them this pack of gum.  Hopefully they’ll get the message.

I Need a Nap Sign


A sign you can put out on your desk when you start to feel tired.  In other words, a sign to leave on your desk at all times.

If You Need Anything From Me… Sign


“If you need anything from me, reconsider.”  Perfect for your coworker who would rather just keep to himself.

Leave Me Alone, I’m Busy… Sign


“Leave me alone, I’m busy pretending to work.”  We all have coworkers who work hard, and coworkers who work hard to look like they’re working hard (or maybe you’re this person).  This sign is for the second type.

If you are looking for more gift options (for coworkers or anyone else), check out our website!  We even have a whole collection of gifts just for coworkers!

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