10 Weird & Funny Easter Basket Stuffers for Adults!

Easter baskets can be such a fun tradition - I mean who doesn't enjoy a basket full of fun trinkets, toys, and candy!? Here at Off The Wagon we think that Easter Baskets should be for all ages, not just the kiddos. Why should they get all the candy? Also, we’re kind of a fan of filling Easter baskets with all sorts of weird and funny stuff (I’m sure this is shocking news to you and in no way an incredibly predictable thing for us to like). After all, isn’t Spring a time of joy and celebration - sounds like the perfect opportunity for some dumb jokes and silly laughter! If you’re on the same page as we are and are looking for wacky and weird stuff to put in Easter baskets for your family and friends, you’ve come to the right place! Here are eleven of our favorite ideas of things to add to your Easter basket this year!

Emergency Inflatable Rubber Chicken

Channel the spirit of Spring to breathe new life into this otherwise flat and kind of sad chicken! As it inflates, you’ll feel your heart inflate too.

Ant Lollipop

The first surprise is that they’ll get a huge, delicious lollipop! The second surprise it that it’s filled with real ants! Yum, extra protein!

Mystery Box of Fun

Don’t want to go through all the effort of assembling an Easter basket yourself? Get one of our Mystery boxes instead, or send it to someone in a faraway land (like another state)!

Nee Doh Squishy Stress Ball

Oh so satisfying to mess with, and it will change colors when you squeeze it! A super satisfying fidget toy with bright, fun colors!

Finger Owl

WHO doesn't want a little owl friend to perch on their finger? WHO, I ask, WHO WHO WHO! Get it, cuz owls say who. Like, that’s the sound they make.

Pez Dispenser

Ok, this is probably our most normal item on this list, but come on! Wouldn’t you want a little Pikachu Pez dispenser in your Easter basket?

Champagne Jelly Beans

Little bursts of chewy Champagne flavor, and you can have as many as you want and still drive home! Perfect for making an Easter basket seem more adult!

Stuey the Hedgehog Plush

Stuey is cute, adorable, and he has an amazing that he wants to share with you! Obviously, kids will love him, but so will adults! How could you not!

Hot Dog Candy In A Tin

We think hot dogs are the perfect flavor for Easter (mostly because we really like hot dogs), and what better way to deliver that flavor than through these nifty little candies in an awesome tin?

Real Crickets - Bacon & Cheese Flavor

Yum! You wanted candy, didn’t you? What's wrong with these? You didn’t even try them yet!

Wanna check out more of our Easter-themed stuff? Take a look at our Easter collection! Or if you’d like, you can browse our entire catalog of weird gifts, games, gags, and more! Happy Easter!

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