10 Weird & Funny Gifts for Mother’s Day 2022!

Are you sick of buying your Mom stuff you think she’ll like, then getting a half-hearted “aww, that's so sweet honey. Thank you” when you give it to her? The kind where you’re pretty sure she’s gonna get rid of whatever it is in a week or two? We’re sick of it too! In fact, we’re sick of it for you! Something has to change - if she’s gonna throw away your gift after a week, at least she can have a good laugh when she opens it! Or I guess if you’re really optimistic (and we admit we are), she’ll hold on to it because it makes her chuckle and think about how funny her kids are. And then tell all her other Mom friends about it. And make a post on Facebook all about it. And maybe knit some commemorative socks. You know, mom things. Anyways, check out some of our Mother’s Day gift ideas and pick the one you think she’ll love!

Rosé Jelly Beans

A perfect last minute addition to any Mother’s Day gift or card. Small, inexpensive, but unique and super yummy! Mom will love the little bottle.

Chaos Coordinator Cap

If you and your siblings were (or still are) the chaos squad, then Mom deserves this hat. It’s about time someone recognized her with a proper title!

“I Know Raising Us Has Been Pure Joy” Card

Who needs to get Mom a gift? You’ve already given her the blessing of getting to raise you. What could be better than that? After all, you were basically an angel child, we’re sure.

Shower & Bath Wine Holder

Showers and baths are a common escape for moms everywhere. So is wine. Now, they can do both at once (without worrying about spilling their wine all over the bathroom floor)! They’ll laugh at this but also love it!

Margarita Cotton Candy

Fluffy cotton candy that tastes just like a margarita. It’s yummy, weird, and there is a good chance she might share a little taste with you!

I Came Out Of Your WHAT?? Magnet


We promise it wasn’t all fun and games for her either. But this magnet will be!

“I’m a Delicate Fucking Flower” Hand Cream

A luxury product, with just a touch of snarkiness. Just like your mom! Except she's not a product. It’s a metaphor, ok! We promise it was meant to be a compliment.

Perfect Kids Cookie Cutter

She might have tried and failed to make the perfect kid already (maybe multiple times), but now she can finally achieve that goal! This cookie cutter will let mom make kids that are much tastier and complain a lot less than you do!

Fun & Inspiring Toothbrush

Brushing your teeth is boring, but you have to do it every day. With these toothbrushes, at least you can get motivated while you do it! We recommend the “Bad Ass Woman Who Takes Care Of Everyone” toothbrush for Mother’s Day!

Mama Bird Mug

A cute little mug with a baby bird (you) and a mama bird (mom). She’ll love it!

Not satisfied with these options? Check out our entire Mother’s Day collection or browse our entire catalog for all sorts of weird and funny gifts, gags, and games!

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