11 Cheap & Funny Last-Min Father’s Day Gifts!

You forgot about Father’s Day, or you’ve been putting off buying a gift till the last minute. Now you’re trying to find SOMETHING your dad will like, but it’s easier said than done. Especially if you’re trying not to break the bank. Well, no judgment from us. We’ve all been there. Luckily for you, we’ve put together this list of weird and funny Father’s Day gift ideas we’re sure your dad will appreciate! And they’re really cheap too! From $1.99 for a funny pack of gum, up to $14.99 for the shower beer holder, none of these gift ideas should hurt your wallet too much. In order from cheapest to most expensive, here it is:

Butthead Gum - $1.99

He might call it “Fatherly discipline” or “tough love,” but when he says you can’t go hang out with your friends till 2 am on a school night, you call it being a butthead. Dads are great at being buttheads.

Cat Joke Gum or Dog Joke Gum - $1.99

This is great because it's a double gift for only two bucks! Not only are you getting Dad some gum, but each box has 10 fantastic jokes printed on the inside!

Uranus Soap - $3.59

Uranus isn’t just a planet. Is it really stupid? Yes, but that’s exactly why your dad will think it's hilarious! After all, you’ve heard his sense of humor!

Daddio of the Patio Koozie - $5.99

There are a few constants to the universe. The first law of thermodynamics is one. Another is that every patio must have a designated daddio. Make sure everyone knows who the daddio is for your childhood patio.

Underwear for my Coffee - $7.99

Your dad might not realize he’s hauling around a stark-naked coffee cup, but he is. Save him the indecency and get him some underwear for his coffee. His coworkers will thank you.

This Shit Is Bananas Lavatory Mist - $8.99

Metaphorically always, and literally sometimes. Or at least it used to be bananas. Either way it stinks, but this lavatory mist will help with that.

Soap For Dad Jokes - 10.99

Singing in the shower is fun until you get soap in your mouth. Then it turns into a soap opera. Hilarious, right? See the raw power of this stuff?

Chaos Coordinator Desk Sign - $13.99

One part chaos coordinator, one part sarcasm director, all parts Dad. He can even flip between the two depending on his mood.

“May Your Coffee be Stronger than Your Daughter’s Attitude” Mug - $13.99


A perfect Father’s Day gift if you want to apologize for those teenage years when you were kind of awful to be around. Please disregard if you’re currently a teenager.

Shower Beer Holder - $14.99

Shower beers are great, but their biggest weakness is slippery cans and not having anywhere to safely set them down. This shower beer holder solves those problems perfectly.

Man with a Pan Oven Mitt - $14.99

If your dad is a great cook or a grill master, this oven mitt is a perfect kitchen accessory!

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