11 Funny Gifts For Friends With #NoFilter

We all have that one friend - the one who has a habit of getting into trouble because of what they say. We love this friend (sometimes), who is hilarious, sarcastic, and ALWAYS speaks their mind...but not everyone does. This friend has such a potty mouth, Samuel L. Jackson would be proud of them. At Off the Wagon, we’ll happily admit that we think swearing is just plain funny, and sarcastic humor is basically comedic gold! That’s why we continue to grow our collection of “vulgar,” ironic products. If you have a friend who lives proudly with #NoFilter (or if that friend is you), we have the perfect sweary, sassy gifts for them!  

No Filter Koozie

You know if you or your friend need this functional (and hilarious) koozie. Give this to your friends to keep them out of trouble. People can’t get offended if they were warned in the first place, right?

My Cat Says You're Dumb Ribbed Socks

These socks say it all - you’re so dumb, even my cat thinks you’re stupid. And my cat’s pretty dumb. Just saying. Cause I live the #NoFilter LIFESTYLE

Sarcasm Is My Superpower

Some people have lame superpowers like being able to fly or shoot lasers out of their eyes. But some people have the amazing superpower of making people cry (either from laughter or embarrassment). Most superheros try to keep their powers under wraps, but if you live life with #nofilter, we really don’t see why that would be necessary. Show off your awesomeness with this magnet or notepad!

I Speak Fluent Sarcasm Desk Sign

Uh huh, I care SO much about whatever it is you’re talking about right now. Yeah, for sure. Now please go away. No, that last part wasn’t sarcasm.

Vintage Swear Words Pencil Set

Kiss my grits you son of a biscuit! Some euphemisms never get old. These vintage-style expletives will add some new words to your arsenal or brush you up on old favorites. These fun, vintage-style pencils are a great way to impress your grandparents!  

F*ck That Book

Looking to get that meditation, manifestation sh*t, but you just don’t feel like you fit in? This book is here to help! If your form of self-care is yelling loudly and acting destructively, you’ll find this book taps into that very energy. Because if you’re not into filtering your words, why should you filter your thoughts?   

Fowl Language Mug

This mug is an Off the Wagon favorite! Who knew bird names were so crude? This hilarious mug features birds like the “Red Bearded Tit” and the “Dickcissel.” If you love puns and swear words, you can enjoy both every morning with this funny, beautifully illustrated mug!

Fowl Language Jigsaw Puzzle

Have enough great mugs in your collection? Why not try the “Fowl Language” puzzle? With this 1000 piece masterpiece, you’ll be able to assemble the “Woodcock” or the “Tufted Titmouse” piece by piece!

I’m Not Sarcastic, I’m Just Mean Gum

You would never say something clearly rude, and then follow it up with a quick “no offense.” You were just being honest, and there’s nothing wrong with that, right? 

Insults & Comebacks Book

Chances are, if you live life with no filter, you get insulted a lot… and need some good comebacks. Not to mention, it’s always nice to see new ways you can insult people when needed. This book is the perfect solution! Add some zingers to your arsenal, like “You should really get a refund on that college education” or “Don’t let the facts get in the way of your opinions.” 

What The Actual F-ck Sticky Note

Find yourself saying WTF, like, a lot? It’s time you start giving people a handwritten note with your sentiments. Maybe then, they’ll actually remember to start acting like a decent human being. These sticky-notes are perfect! 

These gifts are definitely not for the easily-offended, but they are perfect for the foul-mouthed individual in your life. We SWEAR any of these gifts will be a hit with your friend who just doesn’t have a filter (OK, we’ll walk ourselves out now). Want to see even more hilarious gifts? Check our our whole collection!

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