11 Unique & Fun Gifts for Star Wars Fans!

May the 4th be with you, fellow nerds and Star Wars fans! Or maybe you’re not a nerd (in which case you’re really missing out) and are just shopping for a friend or family. Either way, you’ve come to the right place. We’ve got tons of cool and unique gifts from the new Mandalorian TV series (including Baby Yoda goodness) as well as from the original trilogy. Weirdly, we don’t have much from the prequels. It’s almost like no one cares about them and wants to buy Jar Jar Binks merch. Weird. Well anyway, we’ve picked out 11 of our favorite Star Wars items from our collection just for you. Check these out:

Star Wars Death Star Maze

A fun marble maze styled after the Death Star! Moving a marble around might not be as high stakes or exciting as flying an X-Wing through the Death Star, but it makes a great mini-break from homework or whatever project you’re working on!

Dadalorian Socks

In the future, after the Mandalorian becomes a dad, he suddenly starts drinking a lot more beer and walking around the house in his undies. Still with his helmet though. Makes a great gift for Dad’s birthday or for Father’s day (which is still like a month and a half out).

Mandalorian & The Child Pez Twin Pack

A tall Mandalorian Pez dispenser and a mini little Grogu (aka Baby Yoda). They look awesome together and who doesn't like some yummy Pez every once and a while?

Millennium Falcon Posable Desk Light

Let the glow from the Millennium Falcon’s thrusters illuminate the paper you’re working on or your keyboard while you’re playing Knights of The Old Republic for the 37th time! It USB powered and super adjustable!

The Mandolorian Corkcicle

Super high-quality drinkware with sleek, minimalist designs styled after your favorite characters (including Grogu, The Mandolorian, and Boba Fett). Perfect for bringing your coffee or tea on the go.

Everything I Need To Know I Learned From Star Wars Book

All the best life lessons from the Star Wars saga summarized in one illustrated book! Perfect for indoctrinating the next generation!

Ewok Ceramic Mug

An adorable little Ewok mug! That’s all there is to it!

Mandalorian Trivia Quiz

Think you’re the biggest Mandalorian nerd of all your friends? Test out your knowledge with 100 different Mandalorian trivia questions!

The Child Desktop Light

He already brought a metaphorical light into your life when he appeared in the show, and now he can bring literal light too! While looking super cute, obviously.

Millennium Falcon Lunchbox

This lunchbox will carry your sandwiches to the far ends of the galaxy with more speed and flair than you could ever hope for. It’s insulated too!

Lego Chewbacca Plush 

The Lego Star Wars sets (not to mention the amazing video games) are a classic for many! This Lego Chewbacca plush might not fit in your Lego sets, but it sure is a lot softer. And you never have to worry about stepping on it either!

If you want to keep browsing, you can check out all our Star Wars stuff here. Or you can browse our entire collection of games, gifts, and gags here!

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