9 Weird & Silly Gifts Perfect For Kicking Off Spring 2023!

Ah, Spring! There is nothing quite like those first warm days of the year where you can drive with your window down, pull out your socks sandals, or be that person who wears shorts when it’s 55 out. And there is nothing quite like the next day being grey and rainy and kind of miserable. But hey! At least some of the days are nice! Here at Off The Wagon, we love the warmth and new life of Spring as much as the next person! Like with most other things, however, we like to show it a little differently. Cute pictures of flowers and rabbits and stuff are cool, but we’re more about squirrels wearing underpants, bigfoot, and dirty jokes about birds! Check out some of these fun products we’ve picked out to get a little taste of Spring in Off The Wagon style!

Squirrel In Underpants Air Freshener

The scents of spring, the sights of spring, and the humor of a 12 year old all wrapped up in one!

Delicate Fucking Flower Socks

Great for protecting your delicate feet while you kick some major ass! This flower has some thorns mother-fu*ker! Or just cute socks with no ass-kicking involved, your choice!

Nutty Squirrel Popper

Squeeze this stump and a cute little squirrel will pop out to say hi! Hello, squirrel! But it can’t stay for long. Those nuts aren’t gonna earth themselves! Goodbye, squirrel!

Nee Doh Fruit

A basket of fun, fruit-shaped fidget toys that are fun to squeeze! Their bright neon colors bring some great spring energy too!

Calm Your Tits Mug

You know it’s Spring when you start hearing birdsong again! You know, birds like the bearded tit, the blue tit, or the long-tailed tit! This mug is a funny gift for anyone (ok, maybe not kids, but otherwise anyone)!

Mushrooms 1000 Piece Puzzle

Spring is full of beautiful days, but it has a lot of rainy days too! Try this lovely puzzle for a rainy spring day. It’s fun and it will let you imagine a warm sunny day while you’re holed up inside!

Audubon Birds 1000 pc puzzle

Or if you’d rather puzzle up some trees than some flowers, try the arboretum puzzle! Or get them both if you’re a real puzzle fiend!

Finger Possum


Ah, the majestic possum! It might not be the first animal that comes to mind when you think of Spring, but they’ve got twice the spunk of bunnies or birds!

Finger Goat

It turns out that goats actually exist during all four seasons, but personally we’ve only ever seen one during the spring so we figured that was the only time they were really around. If you thought the same thing, these are for you!

Unfortunately, we don’t have a special collection all full of Spring stuff. Maybe one day! For now, if you want more, we suggest your check out our toy collection, puzzle collection, or our entire catalog. Happy Spring!

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