12 Funny Stocking Stuffers & Christmas Candies!

CHRISTMAS IS GETTING VERY CLOSE PEOPLE! 22 days away as of writing this blog! And with Christmas comes all sorts of wonderful traditions - cookies, eggnog, presents, and stockings! If your family or friends do stocking for Christmas, you know how fun it can be. You get all sorts of candy and knick knacks, and you don’t have to wait your turn to open the next gift - you just get the whole stocking all at once! Here at Off the Wagon we’re big stocking fans, and we think our store is uniquely suited for finding amazing stocking stuffers. After all, we have so many little toys, silly gums, weird candies, and just awesome stuff that’s inexpensive and small. Out of all those options, we’ve picked out 12 stocking stuffers that we think are perfect for a wide variety of folks! Check these out!

Uh Oh Emergency Underpants


One pair of genuine backup underpants in a quality tin! One of the more absurd and most loved products we have, this hilarious gift will get anyone laughing!

Elf: Pass the Syrup Maple Candy

Cover two major food groups with one tin: candy and maple syrup! A fun Christmas themed candy perfect for any Elf lovers.

Here’s Your Gift Motherf-cker Gum

Whether you have to buy a stocking stuffer for a sibling you don’t get along with, or you just want to show some attitude, this will do the job!

Squirrel In Underpants Air Freshener


It’s a squirrel wearing underpants, and it’s adorable and truly weird. It smells like a fresh forest, and it will look amazing hanging from their rear view mirror!

Poop Lollipops

Big ol’ delicious lollipops, but poop shaped. And as we all know, poop is pretty funny. Get a zombie poop, a magical sparkle poop, or an original poop!

Nose Flute


These are one of our most loved products and we get why! Just blow through your nose and you can make all sorts of fun noises and songs! It's super fun, super easy, small enough for a stocking, and super inexpensive!

Warheads Grubs Holiday Gummies

Deliciously sour Christmas themed candy! If you know someone who loves sour, this is a perfect stocking stuffer for them!

Fat Kit on a Seesaw Koozie

A stocking stuffer for beer lovers with a really dumb (and we say that affectionately) sense of humor. In other words, it’s perfect for most dads!

Jelly Belly Cocktail Classics

A great stocking stuffer for adults (although kids would probably like them too), these pack of jelly beans has delicious flavors like pina colada, strawberry daiquiri, mojito, and more!

Uranus Soap

Uranus isn’t just a planet (wink wink). Another one of our customer’s favorite products, this soap is perfect stocking stuffer size and it is bound to get AT LEAST a couple good laughs!

Fried Chicken Candy

Want some off-the-beaten-path candy flavors? How about fried chicken candy? We’ve tried it, and it tastes eerily similar to the real thing. Give it to a fried chicken lover or just anyone to weird them out!

If you want to keep browsing, we have an entire stocking stuffers collection on our website! If you’re more interested in candy specifically, check out our holiday candy selection! If you just want to see all our stuff, browse our entire catalog!

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