12 Jigsaw Puzzles For Relaxing, At-Home Fun

Jigsaw Puzzles have been incredibly popular this year! A few months ago, before coronavirus and lockdown hit America, we definitely never would have predicted how many puzzles people wanted, but while people have been stuck at home they’ve been solving puzzles like crazy! It makes sense - when you're stuck at home and you’ve got a lot of time on your hands, puzzles can be really fun and satisfying. You can put them together by yourself, or you can do it with your family, roommates, or whoever you’re cooped up with. They are the perfect stay-at-home pastime. For a time there, it was really hard to get puzzles at all - they were sold out all across the country! Luckily, though, we’re past that point, and we have a whole bunch of really cool puzzles for you to check out! We’ve picked out a few we especially like, listed below, but these are just the tip of the iceberg!

Nature Puzzles:

Yosemite National Park California (1000pc), Canoes on the Lake (1000pc)


Ah, nature...so serene and beautiful. But really, it is! Whether you’re a nature lover or you just wish you could spend more time outside, these puzzles are a fun and easy way to scratch that itch for the great outdoors. For bonus points, do these puzzles outside!

Monet Paintings:

Waterlilies by Monet (1000pc), Poppy Field by Monet (1000pc)


For those of us who need a refresher, Claude Monet was a super important French painter. He helped found the impressionist movement back in the early 1900s. Most importantly, at least for our puzzle purposes, he made some really awesome paintings, and now you can recreate them via puzzle pieces!

Other Famous Art Paintings:

Irises by Van Gogh (1000pc), Klee Castle and Sun (1000pc)


If Monet isn’t your jam, but you’re still interested in some iconic puzzle-paintings, we’ve got you covered. We have a handful of puzzles of famous art pieces, including these works from Paul Klee and Vincent Van Gogh. You can see all of our fine art puzzles here.


Neuschwanstein Castle (1000pc), Eilean Donan Castle (1000pc)


If you’re less into paintings and more into buildings (especially castles), then these might be the puzzles for you! These two castle puzzles combine tall towers and beautiful landscapes in one stunning image.

Panoramic Puzzles:

VW Love Splash Panoramic (1000pc), Porto Venere, Italy Panoramic (1000pc)


If you’ve been doing puzzles for a while now, and you’re getting a little tired of the standard sized puzzles, these panoramics are the perfect way to mix it up! The longer shape is just enough to bring a new perspective to your jigsaw puzzle experience.

Circular Puzzles:

Round Rainbow (1000pc), Goddesses and Warriors (500pc)


One step further than the panoramics are these fun circular puzzles. Their unique shape makes them really interesting to puzzle out (pun intended).

All Our Puzzles!

If these puzzles don’t quite meet your fancy, or you just want to see all your options, check out the entire puzzle collection on our website! With so many options, you’re bound to find something you’ll like.

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