12 Ridiculous & Funny Gifts for Pickle Lovers!

Here at Off The Wagon, we think pickles are kind of a big dill. They’re crunchy, they’re sweet, they’re tangy, and most importantly, they’re ridiculous (and you know how we feel about ridiculous stuff)! We figure if pickles were sentient, they would probably love our store. And not just because we have lots of cool pickle stuff (which we do), but because they have the same kind of energy as Off The Wagon: they're silly, they’re fun, and they just make everyone’s day better. Now, if you happen to hate pickles, then please disregard any comparisons between pickles Off The Wagon. But also, why are you reading a blog about pickle stuff if you hate pickles? Anyways, we’ve got 12 amazing pickle themed gifts and gags to show you today, and we really think you’re gonna love them! Check it out:

Pickle Air Freshener

Now, you could always just crack open a fresh jar of pickles in your car to get this lovely smell, but then you have to worry about getting the pickle juice everywhere and that's no good. This pickle air freshener does the job without the mess!

Pickle Candy in a Tin

Want to share your love of pickles? Pick up some pickle candy for this Halloween and give it to a friend! Or just keep it for yourself because these candies really do taste delicious. Don’t worry, we won’t tell anyone.

Lucky Yodeling Pickle Christmas Ornament

This ornament is the perfect Christmas gift for any lover of pickles OR yodeling. Bonus points if they like both! This fancy ornament is motion activated, so every time you walk by it’ll give a wonderful little yodel! (You’ve been warned).

Dill Pickle Mints

Next time you need to freshen up your breath, why don’t you give it a touch of pickle scent! You might not impress everyone, but if people don’t like pickles should you really even care? (Hint: no).

Pickle Bandages

Careful with these. You might find yourself being purposely clubsy just so you can rock one of these amazing pickles on your forehead (or somewhere else prominent). We just want to go ahead and give you permission to wear one of these without purposely nicking yourself. It’s safer that way.

Sour Pickle Balls

Sweet, pickle-y, and super sour! A yummy little treat for anyone who like sour candy (but also pickle lovers, like everything else on this list).

Stress Pickle

Next time you find yourself in a pickle, grab this stress pickle to work through all the stress!

Pickle Cotton Candy

Fluffy and delicious, and it tastes like pickles! This weird pickle flavored treat will surprise anyone at your next movie night.

Yay Pickles! Magnet

This is basically the motto we live by. If you feel the same, you really gotta get one of these magnets up on your fridge. It’ll give you the daily motivation you need when you get up in the morning.

Pickle Lollipop

Yet another pickle flavored treat (you might be seeing a theme here)! This one is shaped like a pickle too, and who doesn't like a nice lollipop?

Pickle Fingers

Kind of like butter fingers, but 10,000 times cooler. Plus, these work great for reaching into the pickle jar if you don’t want to get pickle juice on your fingers. Eat pickles in style!

Pickled Bottle Stopper

Pick out a nice wine that pairs well with pickles and have a glass (with some pickles of course). When you’re done, pop in this bottle stopper and save the rest for another night (whether it’s your first bottle or your third).

Believe it or not, we have even more pickle gifts - check them all out right here! Or browse our entire catalogue of weird and wacky gifts!

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