12 Funny Halloween Gifts That Would Make Even Frankenstein Laugh!

Two weeks into October and there is no denying the spooky season has begun! Disemboweled pumpkins and plastic skeletons are infesting the lawns of the decorative as we speak, and soon Halloween will be upon us! Here at Off The Wagon, our specialty is funny and wacky gifts, not necessarily spookiness (although we do have this one kinda creepy looking stuffed cat). However, anyone who thinks funny and spooky don’t play well together is just wrong! Don’t believe us? Well, once you’ve seen all the ridiculous Halloween themed stuff we’ve got, we think you’ll change your mind. We’ve put together 12 of the funniest, wackiest, weirdest, gifts and gags perfect for the 2021 Halloween season! Check it out:

Finger Bats

Finger bats eat significantly less bugs than normal bats do, but they are way less fussy about staring in Halloween themed puppet shows. Seriously, real bats tend to just fly away during the first act, even if you give them a leading role. Pretty rude, if you ask us.

Stress Werewolf


A trusty stress werewolf is the perfect companion for watching a horror movie with that one friend who is really into horror movies even though you know you’ll probably have nightmares for the next two weeks. With a stress werewolf to squeeze therapeutically, those nightmares will probably only last 10-12 days max! That's what we call results!

Horrified Game

This Halloween themed cooperative game is actually super well designed, and would be fun any time of the year. You’ll choose a monster to square off against, maybe Frankenstein or Dracula, and then you and your friends will have to complete a series of objectives before you get got! There’s no better time to introduce this game to your family or friends than this spooky season!

Doomed Shot Glass


There’s not much that’s more ominous than sipping your drink out of a skull, than laughing maniacally. This is an essential for any aspiring Vampire Lords out there (or  other evil villains). Bonus points if you put some blood-red wine in there!

Fly Widow Air Freshener


Besides smelling wonderful, this air freshener might make you think before you smack next time. Flies have feelings too, you know, and you might be making some poor fly a widow with that wild flip-flop swinging you’re doing. (Just kidding, but this fly widow is pretty spooky looking).

Larvets  BBQ flavored


Real larvets, with some added BBQ flavor! If you’re into the trick part of trick or treat, try giving some of these out instead of candy! They’ve got a nice crunch to them!

Boogers in a Box

Delicious lemon and lime flavored gummies! These candies might look all natural, straight from the nose, but unlike the larvets, they’re just made of gummy candy.

Council of Monsters Playing Cards in a Tin

Perfect for any spooky or Halloween themed game nights, these playing cards feature Frankenstein, Dracula, Wolfman, and a mummy!

Zombie Dice Game

This fun and simple Zombie themed game is perfect for this season! All the thrill of running away from zombies without the risk of getting your brains eaten! Plus, working that brain of yours with this game will make it an even tastier snack if you do end up running into a zombie, and that’s just polite!

Monster Bandanna

The monster bandana has a different monster in each corner. Wrap it around your face for a super lazy Halloween costume, or use it to cover your fangs so people don’t realize you’re secretly a vampire!

Zombie’s Delight Hot Cocoa

Did you know that Zombies absolutely love a nice glass of hot cocoa? Limping around and moaning all day can really tire you out, and after all that hard work Zombie’s like to come home and brew up a mug of this delicious drink. After long years of refining their recipe, they’ve collectively put it on the market for you to try!

Toxic Waste Halloween Sour Candy

This super sour candy is not actually toxic waste, just super sour candy. We just wanted to clarify since we do have BBQ larvets that are actually larvets on this same list.

Not satisfied with these products? Need more spook in your life? Luckily for you we have an entire collection of Halloween themed gifts and gags on our website. If you want to check out our entire catalogue of less spooky stuff, you can find it here! Have a spooky day, everyone! 

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