14 Retro Toys for Simple Nolstagic Fun!

Here at Off The Wagon, we don’t have anything against playing video games, binging Netflix, or scrolling through TikTok. We love all that junk just like everyone else! But we also know that sometimes you just wanna step away from all this newfangled technology, stroll back into the good old days (or at least that’s what your grandparents call it), and just try and learn some cool trick on a yo-yo. Or make dumb noises with a Kazoo. Supposedly, people still had a lot of fun before the internet existed. Well, turns out all that stuff is still fun now, it’s just easy to forget about! Whether you’re looking for some simple fun, you want to indulge in some nostalgia, or you just want something to do after the apocalypse strikes and electricity is gone forever, this list of retro toys is just what you’re looking for! Check these out:

Retro Magnetic Gryo Wheel

Watch as this gyro ring defies gravity! This isn’t sci-fi folks, just some good old-fashioned magnets! Seriously though, it’s really fun to mess with (even for little kids)!

Retro Tin Kazoo

If you’ve ever experienced the joy of making funny noises with your mouth and then giggling incessantly, you know how much fun a kazoo can be!

Punch Ball Balloons

Bop it with your fist over and over and over again - the balloon will keep bouncing back! How many times in a row can you get?

Fling Zing Chinese Yo-Yo

A flick of your wrist will send this rolled paper shooting out in front of you. Then, it will shoot back in just as quickly!

World’s Smallest Magic 8 Ball

What will your future hold? Just give this (very tiny) magic 8 ball a shake to figure out!

Retro Spud Potato Gun

Stick the tip into a potato, then pull it out and fire! Get two (and a few potatoes) for a spud gun battle!

World’s Smallest Rock ‘Em Sock ‘Em Robots

These tiny robots want nothing more than to beat each other up. Help them out with the little levers, and see who is the better bot!

Duncan Imperial Yo-Yo

There is no classic toy more iconic than the yo-yo! Learn fancy tricks or just have fun with the simple up and down!

Retro Glider Four Pack

Assemble them, toss them, and watch them soar! Kinda like a fancy paper airplane that looks cooler and flies better!

Tiny Tin Top

Little tops for little fun! The colorful designs will look super cool once you get the top spinning!

Old Fashioned Tin Top

If you want a bigger top, this is perfect! The push handle makes it super easy to get spinning too.

Colorful Metal Spring

Definitely not a Slinky, but similar (eerily similar). (Hint: it’s just a slinky).

Ring on a String Game

This one takes a little setup, but after you hang it up it’s a great challenge! How consistent can you get?

Lucky Penny In A Bottle

How did this penny get inside the bottle? We have absolutely no idea. But luckily it will never fall out and lose your luck!

Looking for more retro fun? Check out our retro toys collection! Want to see all our weird and wacky stuff? Check out our entire catalog!

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