14 Weird and Unique Candy You’ll Love!

We all love candy—it tastes delicious and makes you feel good (unless you eat too much of it). You know what else tastes delicious and makes you feel good? Laughter. Ok, it doesn't really taste like anything, that was more of a metaphor. But regardless, laughter and silly stuff is pretty great. So what about combining deliciousness with weirdness and dumb jokes all into one package? Sounds pretty great right? Well, our whole collection of weird and funny candies fits this description perfectly! We’ve got weird flavors, candy with bugs (extra protein), funny gum, mints with fun packaging, and so much more. Check out 14 of our favorite weird candies:

Mister Rogers’ Encouragemints

Minty fresh breath and a little encouragement for your day, all in one tiny package!

Cocktail Classics Jelly Bellys

One of our most popular Jelly Belly flavors, and we’re not surprised. They’re super yummy!

Cat Butt Gum

Don’t worry, it didn’t come out of a cat butt. It’s just imbued with the spiritual energy of cat butts. Much tastier.

Memory Mints for Senior Moments

Forget that one fella’s name? Or what were we talking about? One of these mints and you'll…hm. Well I don’t really remember what they're supposed to do.

Ant Lix Sucker

Yum! Who doesn't want a little extra crunch and protein in their lollipop! And yes, they are real ants.

Astronaut Ice Cream (Neapolitan)

Ice cream you don’t have to keep in the freezer! Take it on a road trip, or into space, or just eat it in your living room.

Mac and Cheese Candy Canes

Peppermint candy canes are so old school. Mac & Cheese candy canes are where it’s at.

Boogers in a Box

Just in case you’re not 100% sure, no they’re not real boogers. But if you pulled one  out of your nose you might be able to convince someone.

Soda Can Fizz Candy

6 fizzy candies inside tiny little soda cans. Yummy, unique, and fun!

Sour Cream & Onion Crickets

Authentic, real crickets with a dusting of sour cream and onion flavoring! Crunchy and delicious.

Bacon Candy in a Tin

Bacon is delicious, but can be kind of annoying to make. Problem solved, just eat bacon candy instead!

Bertie Botts Beans (from Harry Potter)

A box full of delicious jelly bean flavors, with a couple really gross ones mixed in. Which will you get?

Bob Ross Happy Little Mints

Happy little mints make for happy little breath and happy little conversation partners. Bonus points if you’re talking to a happy little tree.

Get Along With Your Coworkers Gum

One piece of this magic gum, and all your coworker problems will disappear! Powered by magic. Magic not included.

If you want to see even more of our candy, you should check out our candy collection. If you’re looking for non-edible gifts, gags, and games, you can check out our entire catalog of weird stuff here!

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