14 Weird & Funny Socks to Gift Dad For Father’s Day

Dads love socks. That's why they always wear them with sandals and buy them for your Christmas gifts. Plus, socks are a perfect gift for dads who “don’t want anything” because everyone can always enjoy a funny pair of socks! Unlike cheesy t-shirts, they're nice subtle parts of an outfit (unless your dad is rocking socks and sandals and shorts, but that's on him), but they’ll still add pops of color and fun to your dad’s day. And they’re pretty cheap, which is great if you’re a broke high school/college student trying to buy something nice for your dad. Basically what we’re saying is that weird & funny socks are the perfect Father’s Day gift! If you’re convinced, check out these 14 of our best socks for dads:

Pull My Finger Socks

The most classic fart joke out there (except maybe cutting the cheese), these socks embody the energy of dad humor perfectly.

Jokes On You Socks


These lovely blue socks are covered with little rubber chickens, and will instantly boost your dad’s style by at least 20% (which admittedly isn’t that hard).

Old Fart Socks

Your dad might get annoyed when you call him old, but that doesn’t make it untrue. After all, he still uses Facebook.

Lager Than Life Bigfoot Socks

Lots of mini Bigfoots running around and drinking beers. Sounds like an awesome party, and it makes for great socks too.

I’m In No Shape To Exercise Socks

Just think about how much easier it would be to sit on the couch and watch car shows and mediocre action movies.

Dadalorian Socks

Part dad part Mandalorian. These epic socks are a perfect gift if your dad is a big Star Wars geek.

Classy and Grassy Socks

The perfect socks for mowing the lawn. Maybe if you get your dad these, he’ll stop making you do it.

I ❤️ Naps Socks

The perfect socks for right after mowing the lawn. Or after dinner. Or 11:30 am on a Saturday while sitting in front of the TV. Dads are talented nappers.

Whiskey Socks


A great gift for dads that love whisky!

Do You Tree What I Tree Socks


Another pair of Bigfoot socks, but this time without the beer. These socks are also a bit more subtle in their design.

Pickles Not War Socks

Make pickles not war. Especially if there are sandwiches in your future.

Fuck Putin Socks

Rock the Ukraine colors and tell Putin he can go fuck himself! Covered in “Fuck Putin” in three different languages.

Love Me A Good Poop Socks

Celebrate every dad’s near-superhuman ability to make super stinky poops with these socks!

A Real Bad Ass Socks


It turns out that stupid puns combined with a donkey rocking a mohawk make for incredible socks.

Not satisfied? You can check out all our socks for men here, or our entire Father’s day collection here. And if you just want to browse all our weird gifts, gags, games, and stuff, you can check out our entire catalog here.

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