15 Weird & Unique Candies For Halloween 2022!

Halloween is quickly approaching, and bags of candy are flying off the shelves everywhere! Now, candy is candy, it’s (pretty much) all yummy. But if Halloween is all about candy, it’s also about weird and spooky stuff! So why isn’t our candy weird and spooky? Here at Off the Wagon, we’ve got all sorts of weird, funny, and spooky candies to spice up (sometimes literally) your Halloween this year! Now, if you’re a fiend for some of that normal candy (Reese's yes please), there’s no reason you can’t get both, but our weird Halloween candy will bump up the Halloween experience to the next level! Check these out and we’re pretty sure you’ll be convinced:

Gummy Tarantula

Use it to freak out your friends and then enjoy it as a delicious treat. Giant spider legs have never tasted so good!

Pez Singles

Find the matching Pez for your Halloween costume, or just pick your favorite character! We’ve got tons of great options to choose from.

Wax Lips

Part costume, part yummy treat! Hold the wax lips in your teeth to show off your big, bold red lips, then enjoy them as chewing gum.

Haribo Shaped Gummies

Lots of fun flavors and shapes like dinosaurs, frogs, bears, spaghetti, and of course, the classic gummy worm.

Tequila Worm Sucker

Yes, it’s a real worm. Who doesn't love a little extra protein in their sucker, right? Makes a great prank gift.

Toe of Satan

A VERY spicy lollipop. Like VERY spicy, so eat at your own risk! Don’t worry though, it’s not an actual toe.

Harry Potter Chocolate Frog

It might not hop away like in the movie, but honestly, we consider that a plus. It’s still delicious!

Beanboozled Firey Five

More spicy candy. This box comes with five different flavors, from not-too-spicy Sriracha, to light your mouth-on-fire Carolina Reaper.

Pop Rocks

A classic, but a weird classic. The feeling of putting Pop Rocks in your mouth will never not be a little weird, and that’s a good thing!

Kale Candy in a Tin

It may be candy, but it’s Kale flavored, so that makes it healthy!

Bacon & Cheese Flavored Crickets

Crunchy, smokey, and cheesy! What more could you ask for? (And yes, they’re real crickets).

Poop Lollipops

Don’t worry, they just look like little poops, it’s not a taste thing. We tried those in the past, but they didn’t sell very well for some reason.

Hot Dog Candy in a Tin

An American classic! No need for a grill and buns and ketchup when you’ve got the whole flavor explosion in candy form!

Eye Candy Ring

Ring pop meets disembodied eyeball.

Krispy Kreme Jelly Beans

One of our most delicious flavors of jelly beans!

Looking for more Halloween stuff? Check our Halloween collection here. For more weird and wacky candy options, you can check out our candy collection here. Or for literally everything we have to offer (games, gags, gifts, etc.) you can check out our entire catalog here! Happy Halloween!

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