A few Fun Christmas Gift ideas:

Time to think about how you can make this holiday season a big hit.  Here are some fun Christmas gifts that are sure to get a few laughs.


First up:

Yodeling Bacon-  Yoodelayhehoooo.  Popular back in the 1830s, we are SURE this fun sport will be making a comeback very soon.  You can use your own personal yodeling bacon to help you practice.  Why bacon?  Hey, bacon is awesomeness.  This combination sky rockets on the amazing scale.


Next up:

Big Head Squirrel Feeder-  This is definitely a win win gift.  Your giftee wins because he can look out his window and laugh hysterically at the squirrel with the really really big head.  Win for the squirrel who gets fed AND a possibly a gig on Americas Funniest Home Videos.

Final Fun Christmas Gift idea:

Handerpants-  These underwear for your hands are sure to delight.  

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