19 Weird and Funny Gifts for Your Boss and Coworkers

Here at Off The Wagon, we think laughter is the most important ingredient to a successful workplace!  Whether you have your dream job or are just paying the bills, a little laughter is guaranteed to make the experience more enjoyable!  As we approach the holiday season, you have the perfect opportunity to give out some laughter - in the form of weird and funny gifts! Whether your shopping for your boss, coworkers, or employees, we’ve got some ridiculous stuff that will brighten their days and make the workplace just a little bit more joyful.

“Get Along With Your Coworkers” gum


Step one to creating a better workplace: magically get along with your coworkers after chewing some gum!  Perfect for dealing with the most stubborn and grumpy people in the office.

Uranus Soap


Soap for Uranus! Leave this in the bathroom as an alternative to toilet paper, especially if you only have one-ply.  Your coworkers will appreciate the gesture.

“Don’t Worry About Me, Worry About Your Eyebrows” Mug


Not all eyebrows are made equal.  If you have an eyebrow king or queen at your workplace, consider getting them this mug to celebrate their eyebrow prowess 

“Coffee Makes Me Poop” Gum


We all know the cycle.  Pour a cup of coffee in the morning to “stay awake” and “work more efficiently,” then take a nice long bathroom break to counteract all of that productivity.  Celebrate the long-standing tradition with this funny gum!

“Seriously” Sticky Note, “Crap” Sticky Note


Sticky notes: useful for communication and organization in all sorts of situations, but they also can be really funny!  With these “Seriously” and “Crap” sticky notes, you can express some of your angst in a healthy and funny way!

“WTF am I Doing” Pad


If the sticky notes aren’t big enough, we’ve got a whole pad for scheduling out your time!  Say how you really feel about your schedule or checklist.

“My Boss Told me to Have a Good Day” Keytag


When you’re boss tells you to have a good day it’s kind of a catch 22 - you have to listen to your boss or you might get fired, but that would mean going home and not working which also might get you fired.  At least if you go home you’ll have a good day though! 

“First I Drink Coffee” Sign


A desk sign for those with their priorities straight:  First coffee, then work. If you know someone like this at your workplace, try casually leaving this sign on their desk.  They won’t even notice till after they’ve finished their coffee.

Office Party Stapler


A corkscrew disguised a stapler, perfect for clandestine office parties.  The hard part is keeping the wine bottle out of sight! But where there's a will, there's a way.

“I Need a Nap” Sign


The perfect desk sign for literally anyone between the time they arrive at work and the time they leave.

“Rather be Sleeping” Socks


If the “I Need a Nap” desk sign is too forward, these socks give the same message and can be hidden under your pants where you’re boss can’t see them!

“My Gift to You” Mug


The beautiful image of a cat’s butt to start the morning.  Whoever you choose for this gift will be overjoyed, guaranteed.

“Running the World” Socks


Socks for your boss, or whoever makes things happen where you work.  Know one knows exactly what they do, they’re just running the world and stuff.

Stress-Head Stress Ball


This is an especially good gift if you have a tendency of annoying, frustrating, or infuriating your coworkers.  Now they’ll have a healthier way of dealing with you!

Overthinkers Gum


Is getting this gum for your boss appropriate, or would it send the wrong kind of message?  What if you made it clear you were joking? But would that be trying too hard? Dang, better keep thinking about it.

Disappointed Sigh


Working a 9 to 5, you encounter a lot of disappointing situations.  It can get tedious to sigh every time you’re disappointed - so instead just press a button and have this noisemaker sigh for you!

“One Day I’ll be Rich and Powerful” Journal


Get all your coworkers matching journals so you can hate your meetings together, as a team!

Office Citation


The perfect passive-aggressive tool for those who hate direct confrontation!

Like what you’re seeing and want even more?  We have so many more weird and wacky gifts on our website!  Go check it out!

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