21 Weird and Funny Stocking Stuffers That Will Give Everyone a Few Laughs on Christmas Morning

Filling stockings with little gifts is a classic Christmas tradition - but for some, it can seem tedious.  The best gifts are never in the stockings; instead, they’re wrapped and under the tree! It can make unpacking the stocking seem like another reason to wait before the good stuff.  But it doesn't have to be that way! Here at Off The Wagon, we sell a gift that can fit in a stocking, measures up to all the gifts under the tree, and won’t even break the bank! “What could that possibly be,” you ask?  It's laughter!! If you want to laugh together and make memories with your family on Christmas morning then you’ve come to the right place. With these 21 weird, funny, and ridiculous stocking stuffers, you can have an amazing and laughter-filled Christmas from the very get-go!

Fried Chicken Candy


Candy is a classic choice for stocking stuffers. That being said, you probably know someone that would MUCH prefer a couple of pieces of fried chicken over a sucker or chocolate bar.  Now they can have the best of both worlds! The sweet taste of fried chicken in candy form! Take it anywhere and don’t even worry about getting greasy hands.

Chicken Flingers, Emergency Chicken


If the fried chicken candy isn’t enough chicken for you, don’t despair!  We have more chicken-stuff where that came from. Start a Christmas morning chicken war with a couple of packs of chicken flingers, and make the battlefield come alive with the sounds of the emergency chicken noisemaker!  Talk about starting new Christmas traditions.  

“You’re the Worst” Soap, Bacon Soap, Uranus Soap


After that chicken fight, you might need to clean yourself up. Even if not, this soap will give everyone a good laugh!  Get the “You’re the Worst” soap for your least favorite child, the bacon soap to literally anyone who likes bacon, and the Uranus soap to whoever needs to clean their butt! 

We have a bunch of other soaps too!

Pizza Candy Canes, Mac & Cheese Candy Canes


Candy canes!  A quintessential Christmas tradition.  So traditional, in fact, that some might find them a little bit boring.  No longer! With these pizza and mac & cheese candy canes, you can carry on the tradition with a new twist.  Especially good choice for anyone who doesn't like peppermint.

Fly Widow Card Game, Donner Dinner Party Game


If your family or someone you know loves to play games, these are some great and funny options that can fit in a stocking with ease.  Fly Widdow plays just like the card game Old Maid - just with the weird factor cranked up! The Donner Dinner Party Game is a social game where the cannibals try to eat everyone and the pioneers try to survive! 

We also have a whole collection of games on our website, but fair warning: not all of them will fit in a stocking.

Cat Butt Gum, Pickle Mints, ANT-LIX Sucker

If your stockings aren’t quite full yet, we have all sorts of weird and funny candy you will love.  Some of our favorites are the cat butt gum, pickle mints, and the ANT-LIX sucker (with real ants)!

Emergency Bigfoot Sounds, Bigfoot Socks


Nothing will warm the heart on Christmas morning than some bigfoot gear!  Seriously, it keeps you really warm. Bigfoot puts one of his magical hairs into everything he makes - so it will keep you warm no matter the temperature! 

Squirrel Underpants, Squirrel in Underpants Air Freshener


Christmas is about loving others, squirrels included!  This Christmas, consider starting a new tradition: go out in the cold and get a squirrel - bring it inside the warm house and give it some underpants for dignity.  It’s a little thing, but it can change lives! Consider the Squirrel in Underpants Air Freshener as memorabilia for your noble act.

Instant Underpants, “Uh Oh” Emergency Underpants


This is a great stocking stuffer if you’ve got a killer gift waiting under the tree.  Why? Well if they soil themselves from excitement, you’ll know your gift was amazing AND they will be prepared for cleanup duty.  Best of both worlds.

Nose Flute, Nose Pencil Sharpener


Play some Christmas carols with a family choir of nose flutes!  If you and your family aren’t musically talented, the nose pencil sharpener is a awesome, funny alternative nose related gift!  Because obviously you need a nose related gift on your Christmas morning.

We also have so much more, stocking stuffer sized and bigger, on our website.  Go check it out!

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