Emma's Picks

Meet Emma!  She is our resident "store dog".  Well, she doesn't sleep here, but wherever Kyle is, there she is.  Emma is a Bernese Mountain Dog.   Every week we will feature a product that is picked by Emma...  the last one she chewed or maybe one the ones she pulls off the rack.  This week we are featuring the finger tentacles.  These fun octopus like appendices are super rubbery and knubby.  They are great for adding extra surface area with some fun textures for petting Emma.  Thumbs up from Emma (or rather paws)!  only $1.99 ea.


  • Sarah

    Emma is adorable :) I hope I can run into her before the growth spurts kick in lol very nice blog post idea :)

  • Annie

    I love this idea! She’s so cute Kyle!

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