Over the Hill Gag Gifts - Great for 40th & 50th Birthdays


Here are our favorite gifts for your next 40th or 50th birthday bash.

1. Roman Candles - Let's face it, these are much more efficient.

2. Frozen Smiles - This frozen denture ice cube tray says it all. You can never have too many teeth after all.

3. Panic Button - It IS time to panic, this button sends off a blood curdling scream for you (and saves your vocal cords).

4. These Instant Underpants are sure to come in handy. Keep them in your purse of pocket... and you're all set for those unmentionable emergencies.

5. Emergency Inflatable Brain - We aren't getting any smarter... but we can if we add a bit of extra brain power.

Find some of our newest and in stock over the hill gifts here.


  • tylerward

    Very interesting blog……….Thank you for sharing this collection!!!!!
    Can you recommend some other gifts ideas.


  • Kimba

    Happy Anniversary!!!!!! Do you guys have a catalog? I’m DEFINATELY interested, Thanks
    Kim O"neill
    360 Phinneys Lane
    Centerville, ma 02632

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