5 Weird, Cheap Father’s Day Gifts for 2023!

Father’s Day is all about taking a moment to stop and appreciate dads everywhere. And if you're going to really appreciate dads, you have to appreciate their dumb jokes, their weird fashion choices, and their general goofiness! Otherwise, you’re not really getting the full picture of dad-ness. Luckily for you, we’re basically experts at goofiness and dumb jokes here at Off The Wagon, and we’ve got enough of it to go around! If you want to get your dad something that will make him laugh (or at least snicker) for Father’s Day this year, check out this list of some of our favorite Dad gifts for 2023:

Dad Joke Gum

“I don’t trust stairs. They’re always up to something.” Ain’t no bad joke like a dad joke, and this little pack of gum is stuffed full of bad jokes (and gum, obviously)! Along with 8 pieces of yummy mint gum, this package has 11 different dad jokes printed on the packaging. It’s great if you just want to get your dad a little something and a nice card (oh and by the way we have lots of funny Dad’s Day cards too).

Classic Rock Socks

Classic Rock and Dads, can you think of a more classic pairing? Maybe like peanut butter and jelly, but even that's close. They call it Dad Rock for a reason, right! These socks are the perfect accessory for your Dad and his love of Dad Rock. Just be prepared to hear him tell a few stories about concerts he went to back in the day every time he puts them on! Oh yeah - and they're on sale right now!

I Pooped Today Sticker

Maybe your Dad is the exception that proves the rule, but in our experience this sticker is applicable to most dads most days. We know because on the off chance you can’t smell it from the other side of the house, they tend to announce their poop either right before or right after they happen.

Bacon Air Freshener


If we just stop for a moment and take an honest look around, it’s clear that A LOT of different people like bacon, and they like it a lot. But for some reason there’s a stereotype about middle aged (and older) men and their love for bacon. We blame Ron Swanson, but to be fair it rings pretty true of our Dads anyways. If your Dad falls right into this stereotype, he’ll probably love this silly air freshener!

I’ll Feed All You Fuckers Oven Mitt

Whether your dad is just the fair weather grill master or the resident chef of the family, we’re confident he’ll rock this oven mitt with immaculate dad style. Either way, prepare to eat some sort of cooked meat because that's probably what's on the menu!

Not quite satisfied, or just want to keep browsing options? You can check out our entire Father’s Day collection here. If instead you’d rather see everything we have to offer, including funny gifts, board games, weird candy, and more, you can browse our entire catalog here.

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