5 Weird & Funny Gifts for your Best Friends

Hanging out, laughing, and having a good time with your best friends is just about the best time we can imagine. That and sleeping in till unreasonable hours on the weekend. Best friends are awesome - not to be taken for granted! Here at Off the Wagon, we make sure to treat all our friends well, and our best friends even better! For us, that often means fun little gifts to brighten their days. If you’re looking to do the same, we’ve got you covered. Whether it’s for a birthday, a thank or, or just because, here are some of the best gifts you can give any bestie to brighten their day!

Soap for Besties


Matching friendship bracelets are cool and all, but what about matching bars of handmade bestie soap instead? You can even coordinate the time of your daily showers so that you’re using the soap at the same time. You know, like in your own separate showers. It’s all strictly platonic. After all, if it’s not a little weird to everyone else, are you really best friends for life?

Friends to keep in Art and Life

This book is super silly and we love it. Its pages are filled with pictures of classic, renaissance style (or something like that) art that’s had pretty silly quotes about modern friendship spliced in. So you’ll have dressed up french aristocracy talking all about true crime podcasts and annoying mother in laws. It’s as weird as it sounds but in a good way! You and your bestie will love it.

Strange Friends Notebook Set

Strange friends, just like you. This set comes with three journals - one for your strange thoughts, one for your strange ambitions, and one for your strange ideas. In other words, all the stuff you talk to your best bud about on a daily basis. It might be a gift to them to just keep these for yourself and give them a break for once, although they’d never admit that.

Who’s Awesome? You’re awesome! Gum

It’s one thing to tell your friend they’re awesome, but giving them a pack of gum with a cute little dog telling them they’re awesome is kind of a whole new level. We’re not saying that cute little dogs are better than you, but we’re not denying it either.

Stay Positive Magnet

Positivity is important. It might not be able to help you escape the jaws of a killer shark (sorry little magnet guy), but if the shark and its jaws are just a metaphor for the rigors of life, then positivity might as well be a jet pack. And a harpoon. And some shark-proof armor. Your best friend undoubtedly keeps you positive and cheers you up when things are bleak, and you can do the same with this cute little magnet.

Not quite satisfied, or looking for something a little more tailored to your friend’s interests? You can check out our gifts for friends collection here, or browse our entire catalog of weird gifts, games, gags, and candy here.

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