6 Reasons You Should Play Ramen Fury

We’ve been playing this game called Ramen Fury recently, and we think it’s pretty awesome. So awesome that we’re writing a blog about it. Here’s the super condensed summary: It’s a quick, easy game with great mechanics and an even better theme. If you’re looking for a super hefty, takes 3 hours to play, game night experience, Ramen Fury isn’t that. But if you want an incredibly versatile card game that will be fun in almost any situation with almost any people, Ramen Fury really hits those marks! So here it is: 6 reasons we think you should play Ramen Fury.

1. It's fun

We have to start here, right? If the game isn’t fun, then who cares about all the other details? Luckily, it is fun! It has that nice balance of random luck and strategic play that makes it both an engaging and very chill experience. On top of that, turns are short, the games moves quickly, and you always have interesting decisions to make! All of this might sound like jargon nonsense, but we promise it all comes together in a play experience you and your friends or family will really enjoy!

2. The packaging is cool as hell

We’ve just GOT to talk about the packaging! The little trick they did here is making the packaging of this game mimics the size, shape, and style of an instant ramen pack you’d buy at the grocery store. Inside the outer plastic, there is even a cardboard box that looks just like a block of noodles!

3. It’s quick and easy to play

The game says it takes 30 min to play. We’ve played mostly with 3 or 4 players (the game plays up to 5), and only our longest games have taken 30 minutes. So really it’s even faster than that! You can play multiple games if you want a whole game night or just a quick round with some extra time.

4. Make ramen. Eat ramen. Love ramen.

The theme of the game is amazing. It starts with incredible packaging, but it follows through the rest of the game. The art is simple but really fun, and the mechanics of the game really make it feel like you’re putting together bowls of ramen (and then eating bowls of ramen)! Even someone who’s not a huge ramen person will be able to enjoy the theme and flavor (pun intended) of this game!

5. Play it with anyone

In our opinion, this game hits a sweet spot for strategy. It’s simple enough that you can teach it to kids (or adults who don’t play many board or card games). The official age rating is 8 years and up. But there is also enough strategy and decision-making that adults and even seasoned board gamers can have fun with it!

6. You can steal your friend’s ramen

Did we mention you can steal ingredients from your friend’s ramen bowls? Because you can. We love this mechanic, it adds just enough spice to the game to make things really feel exciting! We’ve seen revenge plots and underdog stories all come from this mechanic, and it’s always really funny!

So there you have it! 6 reasons to play Ramen Fury. If you’re convinced, you can check out the game on our website. You can also browse all our games or even our entire catalog if you’re looking for something a little bit different. 

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