Dear Off the Wagon: Too much facial hair

Dear Off the Wagon,

I am having trouble with facial hair.  As a woman, this is not good.  Ever since I turned 35 I have these dark black hairs that keep popping up.  I hate plucking them (hurts!), and I refuse to shave.   

Too much facial hair

Dear Too much facial hair!

We often get this question.  What you (and others like you) fail to realize is just how much facial hair has come to be embraced these days.  The sheer amount of fun mustache gifts that we sell is a testament to this fact.  So we say, why fight it?  Why not let it grow?

Because the in between times are tough, we have an excellent temporary solutions.  Just use our stick on mustaches while you cultivate your mustache.  These come in a variety of colors and shapes.  You can use a different color each day.  Lots of fun and you will be making the fashion statement of the year!

Sincerely,  Off the Wagon



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