7 Bits of Real-Life Loot For Your Next D&D Campaign!

As avid Dungeons and Dragons players ourselves, we know that nothing is better than finishing a monstrous boss fight only to find an epic magic item perfectly suited for your character. But just like in-game loot can make your day, some real-life loot can really bring your play experience to the next level! That's why (also partly in celebration of the new D&D movie that just came out), we’ve put together a list of the best Dungeons and Dragons themed stuff we have to offer here at Off the Wagon shop. We’ve got a LOT of D&D stuff, including rule books, dice sets, official merch, fun extras, and more, and if you’re not satisfied with our curated list you can see our whole collection here. Whether you’re thinking of joining your first D&D campaign or you’re a seasoned veteran, we’re sure you’ll find some epic loot perfect for your next adventure!

Mystery Loot: RPG Dice Set and Bonus Metal Die

The first thing on any good list of D&D stuff is gonna be dice, and when it comes to dice it’s hard to beat this mystery loot set! For just $9.99, you get a complete set of high-quality plastic dice plus an extra die that’s made of metal. And that’s not even factoring in the fun of opening up the bag and seeing what kind of dice you got!

Mystery Loot: Halfling Dice

If you’re on an even tighter budget, or just like ittsy bitsy things, you can get half-sized dice for half the price! Not extra, metal D20 in this one, but getting a whole set of dice for $5 is hard to complain about!

Grim Reaper RPG Dice Set

If you’re more of a dice collector, we’ve got a handful of specialty dice sets too, like these grim reaper dice!

Players Handbook

Just joining you’re first D&D campaign? Get yourself a player’s handbook and you’ll have all you need to get adventuring!

Spelljammer Adventures In Space Hard Cover

Or maybe you’re a veteran looking to get some of the newer D&D books! Did you know that for every D&D book, there are special alternate cover versions you can only find at small stores like Off the Wagon? Pretty cool, right!

F-CK Yeah! Decision Dice

Sure, you might already have some dice for combat and spellcasting and stuff, but do you have any dice for roleplaying? Roll these F-CK Yeah Decision Dice when you need to make a hard decision and don’t know what you’re character would do!

Mini Squishable Red Dragon 7"

The perfect little pal to bring to any night of Dungeons and Dragons. He even promises not to breathe fire on you. You know, at least for tonight.

If you’re not quite satisfied or want to see all your options, you can browse all our Dungeons & Dragons stuff here. Or if you want to see all the different (non-D&D) stuff we have to offer, including gag gifts, weird stuff, games, and more, you can browse our entire catalog here. Happy adventuring!

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