11 Cheap and Hilarious Gifts for Christmas 2022

Here at Off the Wagon, we're kind of obsessed with really weird and funny stuff. You could say it's our specialty! We’re super into rubber chickens, sassy socks, strange candies, and all sorts of super weird gag gifts. And most of our stuff is super cheap, making it perfect for a little gift to a friend or coworker, a stocking stuffer, or a white elephant gift. Sounding pretty great so far, right? The one potential problem with our store is we have a bunch of stuff. Like, A BUNCH of it. But don’t worry, that’s why we’re writing this blog. Out of all our butt-loads of stuff, we’ve picked out 11 gifts we think will especially rock for this upcoming holiday season. Check them out:

Hot Dog Candy Canes

Listen, if you’re still eating boring old peppermint-flavored candy canes during the Christmas season, you need to get with the times. Slap some ketchup on this candy cane, or just eat it raw. Either way, it’ll be delicious.

Uranus Soap

We’re sure that anyone you give this to will deeply appreciate the ability to thoroughly clean Uranus with this specially designed soap. Frankly, it takes a lot of work to keep that big, round beauty sparkling clean. Uranus will thank you for the effort, too.

Nose Flute

You might be thinking “this isn’t really a funny gift, it’s just a weird looking instrument.” Well, just wait till you hear someone try and play it! We give you full permission to laugh at them because it will sound pretty ridiculous. That doesn't mean it’s not super fun to try out though!

Fart Jokes Gum

You know how fancy people pair a fine wine with old cheese? Well, we like to pair fart jokes with gum. It’s way more fun and affordable.

Squirrel in Underpants Air Freshener

Not only is this squirrel wearing underpants, but it’s freshly washed, crisp and clean underpants! Someone even ironed out all the wrinkles. We also gave the squirrel a bath. All this combined is why the little critter smells so nice! Plus, they make a great road trip partner.

Get Along With Your Coworkers Gum

This gum will (probably) magically solve all your workplace drama and help you to get along perfectly with your coworkers. The chance is much higher if they like gum. And if you’re willing to share gum. Or just give it to them outright.

Who Says This Job is Stressful Magnet

I’m 28 and I feel great! Perfect for your friend that works way too hard. Or maybe you are that friend.


Stay Positive Magnet

Look at him - full of positivity and charm even in the face of imminent death (unless that's a much friendlier shark than it appears to be). If this little fella can stay positive, then so can you!

World’s Smallest Minion’s Fart Gun

Yes, it is super tiny, and yes it actually works. Well, it makes little fart sounds at least. It doesn’t actually blow out stinky green gas (unfortunately), but sometimes you have to compromise.

Finger Hands

Ever wished you had a few more hands? Two isn’t really that many if you think about it. If you put a finger hand on each finger, you can easily get up to 12! But even one or two of these bad boys can go a long way.

Not quite satisfied with this list? You can browse our whole collection of weird and funny gifts here. We also sell games, toys, meditating Bigfoots, and so much more on our website. Check it out for yourself!

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