7 Favorites From our Post-Holidays Clearance Sale

We sell a lot of stuff during the Christmas season. It makes sense; people want to surprise their family and friends with all the goofy stuff and quirky gifts we carry! Here’s the thing. Every year when the holiday season finishes, there are a handful of products we just have WAY TOO MANY still sitting around on shelves in the backroom. Some of them didn’t sell quite as well as we had hoped, and a lot of them just came in too late. Turns out it’s kinda hard to sell a crate full of Christmas-themed toys when they show up on December 28th. We’re not too upset, it’s all part of doing business! And it gives us a great reason to run our post-holiday clearance sale every year, and we know you all love a good sale! We’ve combed through all the sale products and picked out seven of our favorites to showcase to you, but you can also check out the whole sale here! Enjoy!

Groot Holiday Special Funko Pop


This little Groot Funk Pop is amazing! We love him. The only problem was we got it too late. The whole “It’s kinda hard to sell a crate full of Christmas-themed toys when they show up on December 28th” comment from earlier? Yeah, that was this guy. But if you love Guardians of the Galaxy or just Groot, it’s a great purchase!

Fun & Inspiring Toothbrush

We’ve still got stock for most of our styles of the Fun & Inspiring toothbrush! What better way to start your day than with a cheeky little toothbrush that says “Oral hygiene. Heh heh…oral.”

Emergency Inflatable Rubber Chicken

It’s our professional opinion that people vastly underestimate the chances of finding yourself desperately in need of a rubber chicken, not to mention the devastation such situations can cause. Do yourself a favor and get an emergency inflatable rubber chicken.

Lunch Meat Bacon Nobooks - Set of 3

The only thing better than having a delicious slab of mean and a quality notebook to record your flavor experiences is having a delicious slab of mean and a quality MEAT THEMED notebook to record your flavor experiences. Take our word for it.

Pull N Pop Keychain

A delightfully addictive fidget toy. Get yourself one of these and you’ll be messing with it all day!

Dungeons & Dragons Yhatzee & Dice Tower

Enjoy a game of D&D-themed Yhatzee with your buddies while you discuss new character ideas, or make Yhatzee cannon in your homebrew world! This Yhatzee set comes with a dice tower you can use Yhatzee, D&D, or both!

Butts Ribbed Gym Socks

They’re just a quality pair of socks that say butts on them. Everyone loves butts (imagine trying to sit without one), and everyone will love you when you wear these socks.

Not quite satisfied, or just want to see all our sale items? You can browse the entire sale here. If you want to check out all our weird gifts, gags, games, and more, you can browse our entire catalog here.

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