7 Fun Family Games For Cozy Winter Days

Christmas is over, and the New Year is (almost) here. The thing is we’ve still got quite a bit of winter left! Maybe you live in a warmer place than us, but here in Ohio, we’ve still got a solid 2 or 3 months till it truly warms up. That’s a lot of cozy weekends watching tv and playing board games. And honestly? We’re kind of looking forward to it. Here at Off the Wagon, we love playing games and doing puzzles. Plus, we’re excited to relax a bit after all the holiday craziness. If you can relate with us we’ve got good news. While we’ve been contemplating our winter game-playing hibernation, we’ve picked out 7 fun games and activities we’re super excited to get to in the first part of 2023.

Cowpie Catapults


For a quick, silly game that literally anyone can play and have fun with, it’s hard to beat Cowpie Catapults! Set up the cows on your side of the playing board, then use your catapult to fling cowpies at your opponent’s cows and knock them over before they knock your cows over! It sounds simple but we promise it’s fun, even for adults!

Spicy Dice Game

Do you like Yahtzee, but you’ve played it so much at this point you’re looking for something a bit different? Spicy Dice is like Yahtzee with some extra twists. Each die has a red “spicy” face that can complicate the scoring in all sorts of interesting ways.

Murder Mystery Party Case Files

Perfect for a fun night with family or friends! You can keep it casual, or throw a whole party with costumes and special food! Each of these case files has everything you need for one epic night of mystery and detective work.

Gimme That - Wild Fast Potato Fun!

In this fast-paced family game, players will be trying to cross off all 100 potatoes on their sheet. The thing is, there is only one pencil for the whole table! Players will be constantly rolling the dice to try and get the pencil in their hand, steal another player’s sheet or other sorts of shenanigans!

Cat-Astrophe Game

This box full of plastic cats is kind of a game and kind of building activity. The only real goal is to build big towers out of the stacking cats! You can race with your friends, have time trials, or just enjoy a relaxing time building.

IQ Mini Puzzler

A great puzzler game you can take on the go and play anywhere. It’s designed so that you can change the layout on the fly to create hundreds of different puzzles in seconds.

Not quite sold on any of these? No problem at all, we’ve got tons of other games to choose from in our games collection. You can also look in our jigsaw puzzle collection for a similar kind of activity. Or, if you want to browse all our weird gifts and gags, you can browse our entire catalog here!

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