7 Funny Gifts for Star Trek Lovers

Here at Off the Wagon, we love Star Trek. We’re particularly big fans of The Next Generation, but obviously we love Kirk, Spock, and the gang too. We’re sure there are tons of places you can buy Star Trek stuff on the internet, but if you’re looking for a Star Trek themed gift that's unique, silly, and not too expensive, then there’s no need to look any further! We’ve picked out 7 Star Trek themed gifts that any Star Trek fan will love (whether you’re buying for yourself or a friend). Check these out!

Jean-Luc Picard's Make it Soap

“Sir? The ambassador is starting to smell pretty funky, and he was asking for something to use in the shower. Should we give him some shampoo?”  - “Make it soap.”

After a long day of escaping from near-death situations across the galaxy, even the bravest person can start to smell a little bit from all that stress-sweating. Jean-Luc Picard’s soap is the perfect remedy.

Dilithium Crystal Mints

Sure, they can power the warp drives of massive spaceships and let you travel all across the universe, but they also make your breath smell fantastic! And really, who’s to say one use is more important than the other?

Star Trek Transporter Mug

As the mug heats up (like when you put hot coffee in it), the crew from the original series will be beamed from the teleporter room on one side of the mug to an alien planet on the other side! As a bonus, Kirk will even keep his shirt on (although maybe that’s not a bonus for you).

Star Trek Captain’s Log Notebook

Unless you’ve discovered some miracle anti-aging technology, you probably will never live to be the captain of a Star Fleet spaceship. But if you jot down all your wisdom in this captain’s log notebook, maybe some future spaceship captain will be able to capitalize on your knowledge.

Spock Men’s Crew Socks


These Spock socks are clearly the logical choice for any outfit. They’ve even got pointy little Vulcan ears sticking off the side. Wear them with shorts and a pair of sandals to really show off your Star Trek love.

Star Trek Sticky Notes

This set of Star Trek sticky notes comes with 6 different options, including 4 of your favorite characters from the original series, sticky notes shaped like a Star Trek badge, and a notepad that says “while you were beaming up.” A perfect way to bring a little Star Trek into the office!

Spock Soap - The Logical Choice

The logical choice for any shower. The packaging is great on this one, you can open it from the human side or the Vulcan side. Bath time before Amok Time. And probably again after.

If you want to see all our Star Trek themed stuff, you can browse our Star-Trek collection here. If you want to see everything we carry, including games, gags, gifts, candy, and more, you can check out our entire catalog here.

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