7 Gold Medalists Of The Finger Puppet Olympics!

The 2022 Winter Olympics finished up a few weeks ago, and (as always) it was quite a spectacle. What you might not know is right after the Winter Olympics ended, the Finger Puppet Olympics began in our very own Kent Ohio! We leveraged some of our connections in the area to get exclusive interviews with 7 of the gold medalists.

Finger Possum


This year we saw the brand new sport of “playing dead” finally get introduced after 20 years of pressure from the Finger Possum community. Unsurprisingly, Team Finger Possum took gold and silver, with Team Finger Crow taking the bronze in an upset. Later, it was discovered the competitor for Team Finger Crow was, in fact, actually dead, making the Finger Possum’s performances even more impressive.

Shark Finger Puppet

Team Finger Shark had a blowout this year in all the arctic swimming events after eating all of their competitors! When asked about his victory in the 400 meters, Mr. Shark said “I felt really good going into the event since I had eaten so well the day before. I’m very pleased with what I’ve accomplished. Including the gold medal.”

Tiny T-Rex Arm

Boxing was a highly contested event this year, but after an exciting final match, the Tiny T-Rex Arms won the gold! In our interview, they said “This is everything we’ve ever hoped for. We’re so proud. Also, we know our claws are sharp, and we’re sorry for any finger puppets we accidentally mutilated during the boxing event.”

Rubber Chicken Finger Puppet

It’s rare for a Rubber Chicken to podium in any Olympic event, let alone downhill skiing, but we knew there was a chance this year with Mrs. Chicken competing. She had shown such promise in the world championships, but everyone was still blown away when she not only won a medal but GOLD!

Eyeball Finger Puppet

Unsurprisingly, Team Eyeball took home gold in the eye spy competition. However, this gold was special as it marked the 10th gold in a row that Team Eyeball has taken in this event. Mr. Eyeball had this to say: “I’m proud to be an eyeball and to be part of this legacy. When I go home to eyeball land, we’re all going to celebrate how cool we are.”

Finger Crow

Ms. Finger Crow not only won Gold in the Big Hill Ski Jump, but she set the world record for maximum height off the jump at 1.2 miles! Not only that, but she landed the world’s first 40320 - that’s 112 full rotations! Team Finger Owl took home bronze and silver.

Finger Cat

Team Finger Cat took the gold in Figure Skating this year, but it was a contentious victory. There have been allegations that the judges gave the Finger Cats unreasonably high scores for being very cute. Despite the controversy, the Olympic committee has decided to let the medals stand. Critics will note that they also thought the Finger Cats were really cute.

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