7 of Bigfoot’s Favorite Products (about Bigfoot).

You may be surprised to hear that Bigfoot is a really successful influencer and business person. After all, there aren’t even any good pictures of him! But that doesn't stop Bigfoot from being a household name. In the past few years, Bigfoot has decided that if people are going to be all nosey and into his personal life, he might make some money from it! Just the other day, we got a chance to catch up with Bigfoot (no, we don’t have any pictures - it's part of the NDA we signed).  He showed us all of his favorite products from the Offical Bigfoot Brand, and we’re here to relay all that juicy information to you! Check these out:

Dress Up Little Bigfoot


A common misconception about Bigfoot is that he goes around everywhere in nothing but his very hairy birthday suit. In reality, he wears clothes like 20% of the time (still not a lot, but significantly more than 0%). This dress-up set features some of Bigfoot's favorite fashion pieces from real life!

Bigfoot Air Freshener

After many rounds of trial and error in the development process, this Bigfoot air freshener almost perfectly captures Bigfoot’s natural musk. It’s not for everyone, but if you’re a true Bigfoot fan you’ll love this. (It actually smells like pine if you were wondering).

Bigfoot Nodder

Bigfoot is a little sick of the “oh wow you have such big feet” stereotype and all the dumb jokes that come with it. He made this product specifically to draw attention to his big brain and stunning intelligence. Did you know that some claim Bigfoot is the smartest sasquatch of all time?

Meditating Bigfoot


According to Bigfoot, one needs to connect with their inner zen if they plan to live in the forest for very long. Otherwise, they’ll get real bored real quick. This meditating Bigfoot will help you get in touch with your inner self.

Wind Up Bigfoot

This product is all about nostalgia for Bigfoot. You see, when he was growing up, he had a collection of wind-up toys that he really cherished. He knew when he started his own product line, he’d have to include a wind-up in the mix!

Grow a Bigfoot


Bigfoot wanted us to make it clear that he didn’t actually hatch from a tree stump. It just makes for a nice aesthetic, and it would be way weirder if it showed his mother giving birth to him. I think we can all agree this was a better choice. But apparently, it’s caused a lot of accidental misinformation.

Lager Than Life Bigfoot Socks

Bigfoot loves a nice refreshing lager, especially on a warm summer day. He doesn’t wear socks that often, but he is surprisingly passionate about people’s feet being warm. Something about pitying our inferior human feet.

Those are Bigfoot’s suggestions! If you're looking for even more Bigfoot gear, you can check out our Bigfoot & Sloth collection here. If you want to browse our entire catalog of weird stuff, gag gifts, board games, and more, you can do that here.

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