7 Weird & Funny Gifts for your 2023 Easter Baskets!

Looking for something a little weird, funny, and ridiculous to add to Easter baskets this year? Well good news, you’ve come to the right place! Here at Off the Wagon, we’re connoisseurs of stupid, silly little gifts that will get your friends and family laughing and having a great time. As funny gift experts, we’ve picked out some of our favorite small, cheap, Easter themed gifts that will fit into any Easter basket right next to the heaps of delicious candy (oh yeah, we also have lots of weird candy - you can check that out here). Check them out, we think you’ll find something you’ll love!

Finger Goats


Your fingers called and they want a pet for Easter. And not something normie like a cat or a dog, no they want some goats. Luckily for you, we’ve got finger goats! Buy one for your fingers to share if they’re irresponsible, or get a few if they have some pet experience already.

Squishy Chicken & Egg

This charming rubber chicken pops out a little rubbery egg when you give him a firm squeeze! Fair warning though, this egg is not filled with candy. Also, it will just pop back into the chicken when you let go so even if there was candy in there it would be kinda hard to get to.

NeeDoh Chickadoo

This little chicky makes a perfect Easter fidget toy and stress ball. The colors are vibrant and fun and the toy is well-made and super satisfying to mess around with.

Racing Ruber Chicken

Set this speedy chicken on the ground (wheels down), pull it backward, and let go! It’ll shoot forward with wild abandon, launching itself into the great unknown. It’s all a metaphor for leaving winter behind us and heading into spring, we promise.

Trendsetter Crazy Aaron’s Putty

More super satisfying fidgety goodness! We sell all sorts of Crazy Aaron’s putty because it’s THE BEST. This assortment has some colors and patterns we think will fit perfectly into the Easter aesthetic!

Mystery Box

Here at Off the Wagon we’ll put together a mystery box for you! It’s perfect if you don’t want to choose all the silly gifts for a friend or family member, and it even gives you a way to surprise yourself with an Easter basket this year!

Krazy Kazoo Blind Box

Make some noise for Easter! Kazoos are a classic, and these Kazoos are covered with all sorts of different vibrant, colorful designs that are perfect for Easter. Each box has a different design, but you won’t know what it looks like till you open it!

Not quite satisfied with these options, or just want even more Easter basket goodness? No problem at all, we have an entire collection of weird and funny Easter basket candy and toys. And if you want to browse all our weird stuff, gag gifts, board games, and more, you can check out our entire catalog here. We hope you have a delightful silly Easter!

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