8 Fun Items From Our Post Holiday Clearance Sale!!

The holidays are over, and it's almost 2022 (happy new year)! We’re finally relaxing after a crazy holiday season, and we hope you are too! Christmas is by far our most busy time of the year; in its aftermath we have a few products that we just have way too much stock of (a decent amount of stuff arrived too late for Christmas this year which doesn't help). Luckily for you, that means we’re putting those items on sale! You can check out our whole sale selection here, or keep reading to see some of our favorite sale items! A lot of these products are 50% off (some even more), and we think they’re a real steal. We hope you find something you like! Here are our top 8 items on sale right now:

Strange Friends Notebooks

Notebooks are super handy: you can journal, make lists of all the people who have wronged you, or just keep notes! These notebooks are affordable (cuz SALE), and they rock so much personality too! Look how contemplative that pigeon-man looks!

Shot glass - just shot

Taking shots can be super fun unless there are bullets involved. Then you probably want to avoid it. In fact you definitely want to avoid it. This punny shot glass is a fun addition to your collection or a great gift for puntastic dads!

Most Likely to Microwave Oven Mitt

You might think “why would someone who microwaves everything need an oven mitt,” but have you ever tried to pull a plate out of the microwave after it’s been in there for like three minutes? They get hot! The pro microwaver has their oven mitt handy.

Ear Guards

Ear guards are great if you have a phobia of bugs getting intimate with your earwax, but did you know they also protect you from alien mind control about 73% of the time? Apparently they need to send little robots in through your ears, who knew!?

Wild Hair Yeti

The most fabulous yeti you’ll ever meet! This yeti has more hair than body, and it likes to show it off! If you’re rocking pretty basic hair, this is your chance to get wild vicariously through this yeti!

Tech Monks Teacups

These teacups are actually really beautifully illustrated, and with monks with laptops and smartphones they rock a lot of personality too! Get them for yourself or a friend!

Poptastic Poppers

Poppers! Everyone’s favorite fidget toy! This gives you one random shape of rainbow poppers with a white frame. They’re only a little bit on sale compared to some of this other stuff - but hey! Savings are savings!

Squishables Boozy Large

Get one of these huge (16+ inches tall) plush for only $20! You can get a bloody mary, wine, a beer, or a margarita! If you know any plush loving adults (or if you are one) this is a perfect gift!

We’ve got candy, crafts, toys, clothes, and more in our sale section! You’ll have to check it out to see everything. Or if you want to browse our entire collection of not-on-sale stuff, you can do that here!

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